Aastha Mehta – The latest Trendsetter Mode on this block

By TIS Staff

June 20, 2020

Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers and Influencers in India have developed rapidly and they serve as important tools for fashion brands who want to reach large audiences and markets. From new clothing lines to accessories to labels and fashion shows to fashion trends and styles – fashion bloggers are experts in all things fashion. And one of the rising stars in the world of Fashion Influencers is Aastha Mehta, who is currently a full-time Fashion, Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle Influencer from Mumbai.

“Fashion has always been my favorite and there are no two ways about it. Never existed. “Aastha added. She studied in London and with her master’s degree, she got one more thing at home with her – the dream of becoming a successful Fashion Influencer.

“For me, Fashion is freedom. That allows me to be myself. It’s about being yourself. Fashion is about expressing yourself through your clothing choices. My ideology has always been: ‘If people will stare, make it worth it for a while. Do not dress. Be Fashion “said Aastha. From highlighting current fashion trends, styles and style inspiration to reviewing luxury products, beauty recommendations, makeup videos, skin care and hair hacking, lifestyle enthusiasts, and a hearty travel addict. Aastha also voiced her amazing opinions and beliefs through her blog which revealed her strong and strong through every post! His followers love the contagious, joyful, and miraculous vibrations that he spills in his yard. He makes our lust REAL. His passion for life is spiteful. Really, Boss Lady who made herself from her own empire!

He succeeded in his dream and he gave all the praise to his family and friends who stood nearby like a stone and supported him in every way to be what he is now. “They are my world and they will always support me,” he said. He is also one of the best Bollywood and Fashion content writers in India’s leading publication house on Times Network where the content has millions of readers and his articles are always trending. Aastha knows how to write content, how to break news, make headlines, social media viewers, hashtags, how to shoot vlogs, photography, etc. And this is also all the skills he needs to start a blog of his own. That’s when life came together for him and he finally pushed himself and coaxed his dream for Blogging.

“The best part about Blogging is that the content you create is an expression or rather a part of you. This is a beautiful platform to be expressed. Not just fashion, style, beauty; there are so many things that bloggers or influencers can take and change. We become a talking running advertisement for brands and companies. If we promote something good, something that is beneficial to society, it can make a huge impact and change millions of opinions. You have the power of SOUND. That’s the best part about blogging, “said Aastha when he left.

Aastha’s Instagram handle is @ thebellame.co where it has more than 20 thousand followers!

We are sure that this Boss Lady will soon become a big trendsetter out there.

In the beginning, he used to get up every morning and rushed to his workplace and did the routine work of morning content writers … Find out “what’s trending?” … now he wakes up to see that he is “currently popular” on all social media!

Well, that’s what we call the journey of dreaming dreams and living dreams ??


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