Streetwear has been around for decades. This style of dress – which originated from skating, surfing and hip-hop culture – however, is a staple of today’s luxury fashion. Just look at some people who work in big fashion houses.

Kim Jones from Dior (who even wore a K-pop boyband BTS), Virgil Abloh from Louis Vuitton and more recently, Matthew Williams from Givenchy. What do these designers have in common? They all share a love (or at least, strong affinity) for streetwear.

The Spring 2017 men’s clothing collaboration between the Supreme streetwear label and Louis Vuitton remains one of the most talked about events in history. This largely paves the way for hoodies and sneakers to regularly appear in luxury collections.

Last year, the suit made a comeback at Paris Fashion Week. Fashion observers see it as a sign that the trend of luxury streetwear will end soon. Appointment Williams as Givenchy’s head last week, putting trust to rest.

Here, we gather some of the most defining moments at the crossroads between streetwear and luxury fashion. Scroll through the image gallery below and see how it redefines the industry.


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