Buy “ugly” clothes and actually wear them, rather than gift them to our worst enemy: unthinkable?

No, this is reality. It plays a change of taste over the last few seasons by bringing back items that are said to “destroy our childhood, even our parents”.

All you need to do is take a walk on the streets to see trends. From bicycle shorts to “dad shoes,” here is a look at fashion items that have sparked debate among the fashion crowd. – AFP Relaxnews

Biker shorts

Kim Kardashian attacks again. The social media star appeared twice during 2018 wearing this – despite disappearing from public view since the 1980s and 90s – and the fashion world went crazy.

Street style, runways, major brands: bicycle shorts have been everywhere for more than a year, a puzzle for those who try to forget that they ever existed.

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Love them or hate them, it really depends on the individual. The argument against motorcyclist shorts, is that the clothes must really be left to their original function: the suitable cyclist.

Father’s shoes

Women have chosen flat and comfortable shoes on stilettos without hesitation for several years now. Their sensational return to grace shows no signs of weakening – the trend is quite the opposite.

The problem is that between two pairs of Stan Smiths, Air Jordan Ones or Newport Classics, thick “daddy shoes” have raised their heads. Characterized by their large soles, they follow the current “heavy” trend.

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Today, almost all fashion brands offer versions and they sell like hot cakes, starting with the “Triple S” version of Balenciaga for almost a thousand dollars.

We keep asking ourselves what is the best way to use it. The question some people ask is: why use it?

While unisex fashion really takes off, bringing pieces that are not lacking in style back to the look (like a classic men’s shirt, which must be immediately put in our closet), dad’s shoes remain a point of contention.

Sleeveless jacket and coat

Regarding sportswear over the past few years, sleeveless “puffer” jackets have made occasional attacks into the world of fashion, albeit without much success.

While we are all very familiar with the ubiquitous versions found in fast fashion shops, those who don’t like trends have been wearing them under their coats, well hidden from the eyes of others.

Warm comfortably, yes, but it never harms style. Except that in recent seasons, sleeveless jackets and padded coats have managed to reach the runway.

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The biggest fashion house has chosen to reinterpret and give them a new life. Longchamp tried to make it as beautiful as possible in a kind of version cut in velvet burnout: it was rather tempting.

But do they work? Uncertain. We must remember that we are actually talking about a swollen sleeveless jacket. Sleeveless.


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