The 4-H Fashion Show Hall hall became virtual in 2020, with 4-H members sending short photos and videos modeling their clothes that were built and purchased, as they would on the College Park stage. The judge for the event was Kaye Mattson serving as the judge for the event.

The fashion show is an opportunity for 4-H members to highlight their sewing achievements from last year. Local 4-H members gave examples of their only clothes sewn and decorated, as well as clothes bought that showed their shopping skills.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, and that is the name of the 4-H’ers sewing curriculum. Every STEAM project means it was built / sewn by members.

Jenna Rauert has been named the Grand Champion Senior Model and will compete at the Nebraska State Fair Fashion Show for “Shopping in Style.” Elise Rathjen was named the Grand Champion Junior Model (Attention Shoppers $ 15 Challenge).

Kajetan Hubl was named Outstanding Model in the STEAM 2 & 3. competition. He will also compete at the State Exhibition for “Clothes Built.”

Kaylee Powell, Outstanding Model, Shopping in Style $ 15 Challenge, will be a replacement contestant for the State Fair.

Other winners in the modeling category are: Neleigh Nielsen, Outstanding Model, Beyond the Needle; and Hailey Allan, Extraordinary Model, STEAM Level 1.

Full results:

Fashion show

Model Built STEAM 1, Below is simple: Purple – Hailey Allan, Elise Rathjen and Travis Svitak, all Grand Island. Blue – Adrian Scroll, Grand Island.

Model Built STEAM 1, simple Top: Purple – Eva Lindiman, Grand Island

Model Constructed STEAM 1, Simple dress: Blue – Hana Butters, Grace Eickhoff and Isabelle Swanson, all Grand Island.

Constructed STEAM 1 Model, Other: Purple – Eastlyn Hubl and Adrian Svitak, both from Grand Island. Blue – Scroll Travis, Big Island

Model STEAM Constructions 2 Garments: Purple – Peyton Allan, Kajetan Hubl, Emma Rathjen and Alison Schimmer, all Grand Island.

Beyond Embellished Garment Model: Purple – The Cayleigh Bird and the Chaeli Bird, both from Sungai Kayu.

Beyond the Needle Garment or Garment Models & Accessories: Ungu – Neleigh Nielsen, St. Libory.

Special Interest Clothing Construction Model: Purple – Eastlyn Hubl, Grand Island.

Shop at the Style Fashion Show

Challenge Clothing Model $ 15, Buyer Attention: Purple – Cayleigh and Chaeli birds, Sungai Sungai; Elise Rathjen, Grand Island; Blue – Grace Eickhoff, Grand Island.

Clothing Purchased Models, Buyers Attention: Purple – Hailey Allan, Grand Island.

$ 15 Challenge Model Clothes, Shop in Style: Purple – Briana Bird (two entries) and Jenna Rauert, Wood River; Kaylee Powell, Doniphan; and Faith Eickhoff, Kajetan Hubl, Eva Lindiman, Emma Rathjen and Emily Reimers, Grand Island. Blue – Micah Bird, Sungai Kayu; and Hana Butters and Isabelle Swanson, Grand Island.

Models Buying Clothing, Shopping in Style: Purple – Peyton Allan, Faith Eickhoff, Emily Reimers, Alison Schimmer and Irelynn Sughroue, Grand Island; Kaylee Powell, Doniphan; and Jenna Rauert, Sungai Kayu. Blue – Micah Bird, Sungai Kayu; Eboni Sughroue, Grand Island

Clover Kids – Fashion Show

Participants – Emma Butters, Kiera Lindiman and Grace Reimers, Grand Island; and Alexa Nielsen and Charlie Nielsen, St. Libory.


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