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Tove is probably the coolest new brand in London – maybe in the whole of England – which is why it’s not surprising that you’ll find it in stylish women’s closets all over the world. Even though it was only launched in 2019, this minimalist-meet-romantic brand has gained followers and stands as one to watch. It counts celebrities and people in fashion as a fan. Katie Holmes, Elsa Hosk, and TyLynn Nguyen are some of the perfectly dressed women who are seen wearing stunning clothes.

Founded by fashion alumni Camille Perry and Holly Wright, a former colleague with 15 years of experience working in purchasing and design, this label is full of easy-to-use designs that are made with the thoughts of modern women and are meant to remain in your wardrobe for years to come. – is that a poplin dress with corsets collected, a flowy camisole, or a pair perfectly designed silk pants. Interested in learning more about Tove and the women behind him, I talked with Perry and Wright. In the future, read our interview as they explore how they have built a stylish community, their hopes for the future of fashion, and items that must be purchased from their collections that are destined to be sold out.

Tove Ceres Tie-Detail Gathered Cotton-Poplin Midi Dress ($ 520)

Tell about yourself and your background in fashion.

Camille Perry: Holly and I have been in the fashion industry for more than 15 years. Our relationship began when we worked together as buyers and designers at an early stage in our career. After this, we each become the head of purchase and head of design. We found that we shared a symbiotic work relationship, shared vision, and a passion for beautiful design and crafts. We have not been separated since.

Tove Remi Silk-Twill Tapered Pants ($ 560)

What inspired you to start Tove?

CP: Tove was born from the desire to make a timeless wardrobe that is beautifully made. We note that shifts are emerging in the luxury market where retail prices are higher, while often the quality and design are not comparable to this increase.

Holly Wright: We want to create a brand where these two elements are aligned. We use luxurious fabrics such as textured silk and heavyweight organic cotton in our collections, and every aspect of each part is carefully considered.

Tove Celise Slip Dress Umber ($ 188)

How do you see Tove fitting in modern clothing?

CP: We understand how busy the lives of modern women are, balancing lives between work and family like us. Our pieces are peeled and versatile with modern details. This ensures that they are beautiful but work hard in the context of your clothes – easily switching from day to night, from season to season.

HW: Our pieces feel amazing to wear, are never too strong, and are designed to last a lifetime.

Tove Leone Drape Silk-Twill Top ($ 390)

Tove has become a popular brand for minimalist works that are timeless among people in fashion. How do you build an extraordinary community?

CP: We have had the privilege of collaborating with and working with some extraordinary women throughout our journey so far. This relationship is very important to us.

HW: For us, this is all about building the right connection with our community. This dialogue helped shape our vision for the brand.

Tove Ceres Tie-Detail Cotton-Poplin Mini Dress ($ 445)

What should you buy from the collection?

HW: That Ceres dress is our main dress for summer. In our own collection, available in ivory and black, perfect for warm summer days in the city. Capsule collection from Ceres dress in golden yellow, burnt oranges, and blue sea launched exclusively with Net-a-Porter, which includes a new version that is shorter than the original – the best dress for the time spent on the beach.

Tove Remi Silk-Crepon Straight-Leg Pants ($ 336)

Why is it important for you to focus on producing small collections?

CP: Our brand ethos is focused on longevity and enduring nature. We are aware of the waste and its impact on the planet, and therefore this business model makes sense for us to avoid overproduction.

Tove Ceres Tie-Detail Cotton-Poplin Mini Dress ($ 445)

As a brand founded with Black, how do you navigate the Black Lives Matter movement?

CP: Like many brands, we use this moment as an opportunity to explain to others the experiences we have in our lives that they may not have. The ability to share knowledge and experience that we feel has been a monumental step forward – all driven by the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement. We welcome these opportunities and open conversations.

Tove Organic Manon Cotton Maxi Shirt Slips ($ 593)

COVID-19 has an impact on the fashion industry. How do you adapt as a brand?

CP: The past three months have given us time to stop and reflect. We have spent a lot of time looking inward at our brands and our collections in detail, adapting and refining our focus. Without everyday external distractions that usually keep us from the process, we can hone our vision.

Tove Studio Light Yellow Flores Dress (£ 906)

As we look to the future, what positive changes do you want to see in the fashion industry?

CP: There is a lot of discussion about slowing down fashion schedules in this new world.For us, this is something we have already stepped over.Spending more time making two significant collections a year feels very relevant to our customers.

HW: Our works are designed to feel modern today and far into the future, and this shift towards more sustainable and less waste is clearly something we would like to see changes in the industry.

Tove Delphi Polka-Dot Silk-Crepon Camisole ($ 144)

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