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15 years ago, Princess Kelechi Oghene embraced the vision of being an entrepreneur with enthusiasm for increasing millions of species both in Nigeria and the diaspora.

He is the Executive Director of the Gmyt Fashion Academy, Founder of the Gmyt Foundation and also the CEO of the Gmyt African Humanitarian Awards.

Nevertheless, he stated that the life of an entrepreneur is a journey on a wrinkled road filled with bumps and craters. At certain points, the mounds can appear as high as mountains and as many deep holes, making this trip seem quite sad.

“As Albert Pike and I have quoted,” What we have done for ourselves dies with us; what we have done for others and the world is permanent and eternal. “My passion for fashion is compounded by my passion,” said GMYT CEO.

His actions later attracted national attention, and more Nigerians looked inward to match their professionalism, quality and fashion. The icon is now worldwide, he has broken the curse of the average Nigerian who wants to use a foreign brand.

As a connoisseur of fashion, he said: “This optimistic philosophy that I have adopted has greatly entertained me on my own journey towards achieving my goals. That’s not easy at all. “

In his effort to excel in the industry, along with his strong desire to study, he said: “I have attended several workshops, training and have won several degrees and qualifications from leading institutions namely: Executive Degree from Lagos Business School (Management Program Owner: OMP24 ), Degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management (IRPM) from Lagos State University, Degree from STC Training Center – Dubai (UAE) in Human Resource Management Training and alumni of the London School of Fashion.

All of this is to build me towards achieving the goals that I have set for myself. Each journey starts with a small step.

Demystifying his steps, he said: “I took that step, seven years ago when I opened a boutique and then wandered into a bespoke; this metamorphoses into the current Gmyt Fashion Academy.

“One positive trait that has proven to be very efficient in pushing me out of obstacles and deadly holes is ambition. I know that too much can damage a person, but so far it has only empowered my spirit with optimism that is very much needed.

“My biggest ambition is to maintain my commitment to eradicate poverty by training and empowering women with the skills needed to develop and become financially independent. Because of the academy and the need to expand and help more people, I founded the Gmyt Foundation, a non-governmental organization set aside to help women and youth.

“Over the years, I have been able to hold free entrepreneurial sessions, seminars and workshops for women and have trained more than 300 women and countless young people on scholarships, I have sole empowered 300 women with Industrial Machines each through the Initiative I stated.

“By the grace of God, we have empowered more than 300 women and youth with industrial sewing machines through the Initiative that I stated and we have trained more than 500 women and youth who aspire to be fashion designers.

“I also feel this is my life, desires, vision, dreams and mission and I can contribute more to community growth, that’s why I set up the SME Scheme to support and encourage women and youth with bright ideas and so far, we has given millions of nairas to support this movement; I do this because I am a philanthropist and in essence I give and I want to encourage everyone to use their position to help because I believe it starts with individuals. “

Described as a revolutionary in several circles, he stated that, “The reason for all these initiatives is that the economic system in Nigeria is not only hard without stopping; that’s cruel sadistic. The community considers that your school degree does not guarantee employment opportunities for you.

“Today, when I celebrate the new year, recalling what I have achieved, I feel proud and still have the desire to do more and the will of God, I will get there. In celebrating my birthday a little, we gave 20 scholarships because now more than ever, we need to adopt the habit of giving back to the community so that the world we live in can be a better place.

“Your vision and aspirations as a young boy or girl will be very oppressed. In addition, Nigeria has a very large population and too few job opportunities to match, giving rise to nervous disorders among many people, some even driven to suicide because of great pressure.

“I, on the other hand, am very happy to have helped reduce this through empowering youth who can become ambassadors and future leaders,” added Putri Kelechi.


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