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HIn Monday night Interview magazine dropped their new cover on Instagram – a photo of a hyper-urban singer Selena Gomez with his tongue sticking out, wearing black boots, leggings and a Balenciaga X top. On his head, the singer was wearing a braid hairstyle with the tip of a baby’s hair. The Hispanic Gomez also seems to have a darker skin than usual. “He has finished letting people control his narration,” the magazine wrote in the description below. But the arrangement of cover images appears to show the singer is taking over completely from another culture. “This is catching black fish, you are all awake,” read one comment below the cover image, while on the website Pop Crave tweeted the question: “Why Selena Gomez is trying to turn black …” – displays images from Interview photoshoots.

From rapper Bhad Bhabie, who appeared on Instagram last week in tanned skin and in a black wig, in Ariana Grande style in her 7-ring video (she has been wearing “Culture as a costume” according to the Atlantic), “black fishing” has become an overly familiar cultural allusion. The term was coined to reflect the perception that you cosmetically enhance your appearance through makeup and hairstyles to make it look as if you have a black heritage. “It’s about choosing and choosing the common black traits and characteristics for one’s benefit,” explained Johanna Yaovi, founder Curl Talk Project“While we continue to face discrimination every day.

“As black women, we continually fight for representation, diversity that is clear, authentic, and then must confront individuals who carry out blackfishing, individuals who will therefore look ambiguous enough for brands to use it as a symbol for diversity.”

Last month Kim Kardashian, a figure accused by several commentators of normalizing blackfishing, was called to wear braids in Paris fashion week with Twitter users asking: “Can you stop taking over black culture?” In December, Kardashian was criticized for her appearance on the cover 7Hollywood magazine, which saw her wearing a wig, clothes, and skin that was darker than Diana Ross. Karen Attiah, editor of Washington Post’s global opinion, tweeted: “I don’t see it complicated. His closeness to and use of darkness makes him (and his family) paid. Handsome.” (Kim and Khloé Kardashian have a combined net worth of $ 400 million, while their younger sister Kylie Jenner has named by Forbes the youngest billionaire in the world). “This is America’s obsession with darkness, and black culture – without black people,” he added.

In November, Molly Mae Hague on Love Island was questioned afterwards use foundation many colors are darker than the color of his skin. Many Twitter users are annoyed because they turn their skin darker than usual, comparing it to Rachel Dolezal.

“I question the motivation behind the excessive use of tanners from some people,” said journalist Wanna Thompson. “Do I believe that anyone who wants to be black? Not really, but I wonder about the need to make yourself appear some darker color. Who are you trying to imitate?” Thompson came up with the term “catching black fish” when he saw discussion about white women who cosplay as black women on Twitter. “And I said to myself, ‘I need to bring awareness to this growing problem.’

“It’s always common,” Thompson said. “Be it fashion, beauty or music. Black is cool, unless you’re really black. “


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