Light flower dresses, ruffle sleeve tops, cute little shorts – summer fashion offers plenty of room to try different styles and be a little more funny with your clothes.

But for many of us, the prospect of showing off more skin in minimal, tight clothing during the warmer months can be a little scary.

Fashion stylist Gayle Perry shows that in summer women often worry about how their bodies will look in more exposed clothing than they wear in winter.

Fashion stylist Gayle Perry says that there are many summer styles that look flattering to women of all ages and body types – and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to invest in them.

He told ‘For example, they are worried about how their arms will look in short sleeves and sleeveless tops and how their bare feet will look in shorts and skirts. They also worry about what style is appropriate for their age. ‘

Although Gayle recognizes that most women have features or parts of their bodies that they consider to be a ‘problem’ area, he said this should not stop anyone from enjoying summer fashion.

He added: “I work with women of all body types and ages and recommend the most flattering style so that they feel the most confident, appropriate, and less stressed about their summer appearance.”

Gayle, who posted her fashion appearance @gaylestyle, said she did not recommend sleeveless dresses or tops because she did not find them flattering to most women.

He said: ‘Instead, I recommend blouses and dresses that are not worn on the shoulders regardless of your body type. The shoulder is one of the best parts of a woman’s body and expressing it is a beautiful appearance that makes a woman feel beautiful, attractive, and confident.

“In addition, I recommend short arms that are slightly widened or bloated because if you are not happy with the size of your arm, this style provides a slimming effect.”

Ten of Gayle’s summer wardrobes

1. Denim shorts in blue, white and black

2. Off-the-shoulder blouse

3. Colorful blazers

4. Flowing flower dresses

5. Button that inspired men’s clothing down

6. White shirt or beach cover

7. Perfect T-shirt

8. Flat strappy sandals and / or high heels

9. A pair of mules

10. Straw clutch

Gayle also points out that long-sleeved blouses are not only for cooler months, because they can also be chic and flattering when they are rolled up easily.

“The forearm is a good area for all body types,” the stylist said.

“So I show women how to roll up their sleeves to stay right without looking too perfect, and encourage them to wear pretty bracelets.”

And even denim shorts can flatter various body types. Gayle said: “There are short denim styles that are wider and more angled at the feet than others, which give a slimming effect to your feet.”

Although some well-chosen items can revive your summer clothes, fashion stylists emphasize that there is no need to spend a lot of money on new clothes because most women have lots of items in their closets that can work well throughout the year.

He said: ‘Throughout the year I have invested in items that can be worn throughout the year to get the most out of my clothes.

‘For example, many blouses and T-shirts can be worn throughout the year – alone during the summer months and under sweaters and blazers during the winter.

“I decided to use those items as well as items that I wear summer after summer to create new clothes that I hadn’t thought of before.”

Gayle said that he encouraged his clients to do the same, and suggested switching to Instagram and Pinterest to get inspiration to make similar clothes from their closets.

He added: ‘Women are often surprised to find that they have some real gems in their closets which, when arranged differently, feel like new and make them feel refreshed.

‘I also take the time to edit items that I don’t think are stylish or flattering and donate them. I enjoy spilling out what no longer works and giving to those who can use it. ‘

Below, Gayle shares six classic summer appearances that he not only feels confident and stylish, but also gets mileage year after year.

You can’t go wrong with crisp white dresses in summer, and the tunic style worn by Gayle here is perfect for afternoons in the park or worn with heels on warm nights. Gayle dresses with zipper sleeves are from Daniela Corte, but for a more affordable version, fashion stylists suggest choosing this Dress is easy to do which is currently reduced to only $ 12.80 on Nasty Gal.

Gayle said that one of his favorite summer appearances was a statement blouse paired with denim shorts, and here he was wearing a Cacharel floral puff sleeve blouse with Moussy’s distressed denim shorts. He said, “This is an unexpected appearance because most women only pair denim shorts with T-shirts.” To copy this look on a budget, Gayle recommends $ 59 Urban Renewal Recycled Basic Denim Short from Levi from Urban Outfitters combined with this Lucca Couture’s Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Blouse it’s $ 62 at PacSun.

Gayle said, “It’s best to think of denim shorts as a canvas to wear with a statement blouse or even a colorful summer blazer like the H&M blazer I’m wearing here on a T-shirt by Perfect White Tee.” The stylist suggests replicating this display with the same Urban Renewal Recycled Basic Denim Short from Levi from Urban Outfitters paired with this $ 22 Michael Blazer which comes in a variety of bright colors on Amazon. For t-shirts that are lightweight and comfortable, Gayle recommends this Vintage Cotton V-neck Shirt which costs only $ 29.50 at J.Crew and is also available in a variety of summer colors.

This easy style appearance shows how a long-sleeved summer shirt can be seen when the sleeves are rolled up to a nice length. Gayle had paired Zara’s floral shorts and buttons inspired by men’s clothing from TWP clothing, and to mimic this appearance, she suggested to look at the Red Dress where you can find this Never Return Ivory Tropical Print Shorts for $ 42 and this Business Is Not So Risky White Buttons Up for only $ 32.

In this photo posted to Gayle @gaylestyle Instagram account, fashion stylist wearing a sleeveless dress from Rhode. To get the look that is lacking, Gayle recommends $ 29.99 Maxi Dress Off-the-Shoulder from Forever 21 which comes in beige and pale blue. He said that it would be a perfect addition to your summer clothes and could be worn year after year during the warmer months.

Here Gayle shows off another version of the white summer dress. Stylist said the Zadig & Voltaire shirt dress is perfect for daytime wear with flat sandals on a swimsuit or at night with sandal heels. He suggested: ‘Make sure to roll up your sleeves to show the arms, body parts that are very alluring to all women. This also gives the dress a slight edge. ‘For a dress shirt with the same flirty summer style, but without the high price tag, Gayle shows this White Shirt Layered Frill Shirt that’s only $ 48 for Pretty Little Thing. can get a commission on sales from the link on this page.


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