Lily Fulop, a graduate of Chatham Hall Class of 2014, has published “Wear, Repair, Repurpose” with Countryman Press / WW Norton & Company.

Subtitles “Maker’s guide to repairing and recycling clothing,” this book is intended for a variety of audiences: sewing beginners looking for a place to start, anyone who cares about sustainability and wants to deal with discarded culture, and lovers of vintage fashion and austerity are interested in saving old clothes.

“During my senior year in college, I worked on a project about using design for social and environmental change,” Fulop said. “I decided I wanted to create a community to increase awareness about fashion sustainability and inspire people to improve and improve the cycle to reduce fashion waste. I created my Instagram account, @mindful_mending, and started sharing tutorials and educational tools. I also made zines [self-published tabloids] and throw a fix party, where I will teach my friends how to sew. “

“My online presence caught the attention of my publisher, who was looking for someone to write a book about improvements. Even though I’m young and relatively new to improving, they really like how I communicate ideas visually and make the technique feel accessible. So, I spent the next year and a half creating projects, describing tutorials, writing books and contributing to design. It came out in March 2020, and I’m very proud that it exists in the world. “

Fulop, who majored in visual communication design at Carnegie Mellon University, currently works as a designer for Refinery29. His interest in textiles originated in his childhood when he began to knit, knit, and sew. While at Chatham Hall, Fulop received an iQuest grant to support independent studies in graphic design during the senior year.

“I learned about composition, typography and web design,” he said. “It was an amazing experience to start in the subject area before arriving in my design program the following year for college. It is also very valuable to practice self-learning and control my own learning. “

Fulop also serves as co-editor of The Iris, Chatham Hall’s art and literary magazine. In this role, he manages creative delivery as well as design publications.

“This is my first experience with curation, art direction and print design, which is a skill that I use now in my career,” he said.

For Fulop, the publication “Wear, Repair, Repurpose” is just the beginning. He hopes to continue to find ways to establish interest and balance his career as a visual designer with his passion for sustainable crafts and clothing.


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