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“There’s an application for that.” When Apple trademarked the slogan a decade ago, it was impossible to predict its impact. From food to fitness to fashion, cellular is the place for now! Mainly, because the coronavirus lockdown made a large part of the world inaccessible. In the United States, e-commerce in the first half of 2020 has increased An impressive 30% during the same period in 2019 while “non-essential” physical retailers reported an unprecedented drop in traffic up to 75% in the second quarter. Over the summer I have explored how the business challenges related to the pandemic are faced by visionaries fashion entrepreneur, innovative bespoke label and multinational fast fashion manufacturer. Now we turn to the latest technology solutions for inspiration.

Virtual trial experiences are in demand during these difficult times. Fashion apps can make it easier to pick up or drop off the curb while minimizing returns. Consumer demand for new styles is strong even when freedom of expression and access to technology are limited. For example, consumers and brands in Russia and Iran has adapted Telegram, an encrypted messenger service, to create a unique shopping experience. Meanwhile, Amazon has just announced Oscar de la Renta as its own luxury brand partners in the first application. The future of fashion retail is in your hands. Here are thirteen apps to get you started. Unless, of course, you would prefer to create several Zoom mode failed list. Then, adjust it to yourself.

Lyst (UK)

We claim our strengths through signature styles. This is why the hardest part of shopping is often finding those unique items to serve outside of your everyday needs. With Lyst, you can find clothes you didn’t even know would work. With more than 12,000 designer brands to browse and organize recommendations tailored for you, keeping up with trends has never been easier. The only thing to worry about is that your basket is never completely empty.

ShopLook – Outfit Maker (UK)

If you’re looking for a way to kill on your next date, social distancing event, job interview or Zoom call, this app will likely be your ultimate trendsetter guide. Get creative by mixing and matching pieces in a virtual wardrobe from your favorite shop. Practical tips and creative “challenges” are available for every occasion, body type, or budget. ShopLook allows you to connect with like-minded women helping each other stay on trend forever.

Covet Fashion (USA)

So you think you can be stylish? Show off your sharp eyes and real life skills in this popular game. Immerse yourself in a fashionable virtual world while staying anchored on Planet Earth with original brand work from Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe, Vince Camuto, and others to give your virtual model an extraordinary transforming prowess. You can be recognized for your sense of style with cool in-app gifts. Ready, set, click!

PrivateSale (Russia)

“It’s like Tinder to sell showroom goods from private sellers.” What an interesting proposition! This app connects users who are hunting for trends with the available clothes, shoes and accessories locally of participating stores and individuals. This can help create meaningful relationships between fashion lovers and reduce the environmental impact of remote packaging and shipping. Who knew that the world-wide-web could give you the coveted handbag ?!

Smart Closet (US)

Who hasn’t dreamed of a clean and orderly wardrobe that saves time when it comes to putting together new clothes? Smart Closet is an easy-to-use tool to help you manage what you have, find what you need, and play the best style games with efficiency. Upload your photos so you can mix and match with thousands of items from your favorite and new brands. This app is perfect for those who like or need to plan this social / virtual calendar in advance.

TRY.FIT (Russia)

Buying shoes online can be a daunting task unless you already own a certain pair and are looking for a replacement. The perfect size, fit, and comfort are hard to predict in new shoes. Russian startup TRY.FIT solves this dilemma by allowing you to use foot scans to secure individual shopping experiences. With FitStation Powered by HP, you now have access to product designs in the right shape for your feet whether it be running, sports, hiking or the office.

Hermes Silk Knots (France)

The Hermès Silk Knots app will teach you how to tie a scarf or tie in an elegant and creative way. These are complex items that have the potential to make or break any outfit when styled properly or incorrectly. The only thing you need to do is to follow the tutorial step by step. Hermès Silk Knots is the perfect how-to guide featuring countless tuck and tie techniques for expert combinations worn in millions of versatile ways.

Save Your Wardrobe (UK)

The fashion revolution will not be gift-wrapped in plastic. The mission of this great app is to help you embrace Sustainable Living through a digital wardrobe platform. Caring companion is meant to help you repair, clean, donate and buy new things in an environmentally conscious way. Make the most of what you already have and find innovative methods for cycling and extending the life of your clothes.

30 Wears (Netherlands)

Allegedly, Marie Antoinette and Kim Kardashian have never worn the same outfit twice. Those of us who are less famous and rich need a more sustainable fashion approach. The # 30wearschallenge initiative was started by Olivia Firth of Eco-Age as a way to empower people for positive changes in consumer habits. Every garment has a direct impact on our planet, our communities and our wallets regardless of whether it ends up on the red carpet or in landfills. By committing to wearing something at least 30 times, you are disrupting the trash cycle!

Depop (UK)

Are you tired of asking your friends (or admit it, strangers) where they got their high-waisted sneakers or skinny jeans? If so, then this app is made for you. Founded in 2011, Depop is one of the pioneers in its field. You can use it to explore styles with bold creatives around the world. From high-end brands to everyday items, you can buy and sell from Instagram-style feeds tailored to reshape the meaning of fashion.

MOD (Russia)

Virtual experiments become fun with one tap. MOD – a virtual way to express your extraordinary personality through visual and verbal messages on your clothes. Give new life to any outfit with just one tap, add a touch of non-standard AR to your everyday look, swipe through the artwork and prints we call MODS, find MODS gives your best vibes, enjoy changing looks, create tons of content extraordinary and immediately share with your friends. Now a popular special section Global Talents Digital featured in the application where you will find 18 prints and patterns provided by designers from around the world. The future of e-fashion has arrived!

MySizeID (Israel)

Is the medium in USA equal to 34 in Europe which is the size in Mexico ?! One company decided to end the size craze with one mission: Measure Perfect Fit. It can be quite frustrating when shopping abroad, but the question really does solve the problem when it comes to fashion e-commerce. My SizeID measures you via a unique, patented algorithm that uses a phone sensor to instantly give you the right size for every item you’ve ever shopped. Forget about sizing charts and embrace bespoke personal measurements.

Enty (UK)

Don’t you have to be a wealthy celebrity to have a personal stylist on call? No longer. Fashionistas’ dream of 24/7 access to a dedicated fashion consultant has come true. With Enty, you can take mirror selfies or photos of clothes and get instant feedback from professionals to start the evening off. A style expert will share tips to suit your lifestyle, body type and budget. You can also help other community members decide what to wear by voting on their suggestions.

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