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Tired of wearing the same clothes every day while staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic?

Likewise with Ellen and Dustin, a couple who have been quarantined together for the past six months.

“There’s not much thought about changing clothes or making sure there’s a good fit,” says Ellen. “Just sloppy, lazy, unintentional. I’m tired of seeing the same white shirt every day. (Dustin) wears it all the time, with everything, it’s just his everyday look.”

The couple sat down with style expert Brittney Levine and lifestyle expert Tommy DiDario for a change to TODAY with Hoda and Jenna, which allowed them to keep their pandemic wardrobe comfortable while adding some style enhancements.

Ellen 1 Appearance:

Nastygal Padded Shoulder Tank

This unique tank top adds a vintage touch to the simplest look with cushioned shoulders. Its relaxed silhouette, short collars and low sleeves make it comfortable to wear, and neutral color choices mean you can always find an outfit to match.

Nastygal Paperbag Pointed Pants

These plaid pants are the perfect way to add a dramatic twist to your favorite work outfit. High-waisted silhouettes with adhesive tape look great on a variety of body types, and the ruffled paperbag waistline is the perfect mix of luxury and fun.

Elizabeth & James Slip On Mules

This fake snake slip-on is simply amazing. Whether you want to accentuate a luxurious outfit or just add a little extra luxury to a more casual look, this outfit is perfect for any occasion.

Ellen 2 Appearance:

West Coatigan Nine Plaid Sweater

Don’t sacrifice comfort for style! This versatile sweater combines the best of a coat and a cardigan for a practical look and a statement that will keep you warm during fall.

Nine West Knit Tunic Hoodie

This soft sweater looks like a comfortable hoodie. It’s perfect for layering, but can also be a statement piece in itself!

Lulu’s black jogger pants

These pants take sweatpants to the most fashionable level. Slinky and lightweight, they’ll fit almost any outfit, and the side seam pocket makes them a practical choice.

Dustin 1 Appearance:

H&M Hooded Denim Jacket

This jacket gives you a layered look in a simple one-piece outfit. The vest is made of washed denim, while the sleeves attached are jersey fabric and the hood is warmed up with a jersey to keep you comfortable all winter.

Twill Slim Fit H&M Pants

Any outfit looks personally tailored when you pair these casual, slim-fit black pants.

H&M Regular Fit T-shirt

This simple long-sleeved shirt features a classic plaid pattern and a soft taper waist that compliments any wearer. Adjustable cuff and rounded edges make it versatile.

H&M Chelsea Boots

These sleek ankle boots are sure to become a fall staple.

Dustin 2’s Appearance:

H&M fine crochet turtleneck

This cozy cotton turtleneck is available in more than half a dozen colors – so there’s no reason not to buy more than one. Comfortable and versatile, it can be used with any fall outfit.

Run H&M Slim Fit

Whether you’re looking for plain or patterned pants, this ankle-length jogger is at your disposal, available in several different colors and patterns. Slim fit and elastic waistband gives a perfect fit.

H&M Shoes

You can never go wrong with classic shoes in neutral colors. Leather lining and insoles make this pair comfortable, while the suede exterior adds a touch of luxury.

H&M Belt

Tie any outfit with this simple yet elegant belt, available in dark brown or matte black with silver accents.

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