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The overall tone for 2020 is very heavy. Thankfully, fashion arrived to save. We find pleasure in our cupboards. Spring looks for this season captivate the imagination with light and bright tones. Pink, romantic and golden roses appear. Lafayette 148 combines sparkle and sparkle with relaxed linen. While Diptyque and Tiffany and Co. launch a new collection with a nod of nostalgia juxtaposed with John HardyA timeless jewelery that never goes out of style. If you need to escape the headlines, find pleasure in this fashionable discovery.

Pretty pink. This lively Chanel 19 Maxi Flapbag is fun and sophisticated. Pair with denim for a relaxed and graceful look and dream about the next time you will prance in Paris. $ 5,200. ::
Make a statement. The intricate workings of John Hardy’s jewelry have made it a staple for fashionistas who know it since 1975. The Honey Mawar jewelery chain is delicately arranged by hand. Fancy earrings to make a statement are great for dressing up on your next date night – even if it’s only for Netflix and chill. $ 17,000 ::
Dress for Success. The Lafayette Spring NY 148 collection is sparkling with a clean silhouette adorned with attractive sequins. Linen blazer makes it professional but relaxed and comfortable. This is the ideal display for the next professional Zoom conference call or the next, happy GoogleHangout happy hour. Whatever the occasion, you will be fascinated. ::

Stop and kiss the rose. A series of floral scents is the inspiration behind Diptyque’s limited edition collection: Impossible Flower Bouquet. Eau Rose smells of white tubers and jasmine. ($ 140 / 100ml) ::

Keep fantasy alive. Brock’s collection doubles romance for spring with shameless floral and lace patterns. The look of this runway is dreamy with the edge of the modern Snow White fairy tale. (Image courtesy of

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