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Although many countries have different opinions when wearing masks to stop today’s global pandemic, many people are using them, and some mask games are really right on target.

Have you really done your research, or have you just heard through wine that it’s a good idea to wear a mask to prevent yourself and others from getting sick, I guess you have noticed that it’s rather difficult. to be on top of your fashion game when wearing a big one, and usually covering your mouth and nose.

Well, some people have taken their creative skills, and proved that wearing face masks doesn’t have to be a downfall of fashion – it can actually be a statement. So, because there are so many great masks out there, we have decided to count our top 5 in terms of fashion statements.

# 5: Extensible masks.

Considering we can all use laughter now, this expandable mask can certainly.

# 4: Tiger Mask:

No, you don’t have to worry about not losing enough gear to cosplay yourself as a Tiger King character – just show up in the truck driver’s mask and hat, and you’re happy to go!

# 3: Homemade masks:

Now, you might have seen some tutorials on how to make your own mask, but we recommend not wearing pants or your boss cutting the mask from in public.

# 2: The mask ‘do you think I look different down here?’:

Even though you can use this era face mask to dress like everyone else, why not just be yourself?

Must Wear That Face Mask “The Teller Bank asked me to take it off. He just laughed. “ from r / funny

# 1: Mask ‘if you can see this penis, you are too close:

Are people still blocking you, even though there are 1.5 meters social distance guidelines about? Just wear this mask, and if they ask about the print, tell them to back off.

Even though some of these masks are really funny, and very well targeted, please see your local CDC Guidelines because if you need to wear a mask, now.

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