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Emunah Wircberg, Photo of a Humble Mother by Rabbi Zalman Wircberg

This is the latest issue of Jews in Philly Fashion, introducing you to some of the Chosen who dressed up our city. They might mix wool and linen, but they have strong opinions about mixing stripes with floral prints. In this space, we’ll talk with designers, sellers, buyers, influencers, models and more. This week, we spoke with Emunah Wircberg.

It’s hard to find the time to be Emunah Wircberg. He could hardly find it on his own.

Between raising three children and running the Old City Jewish Arts Center – along with her husband, Rabbi Zalman Wircberg – a 28-year-old graduate of Kosloff Torah Academy Girls’ High School and a native of Philadelphia need to work hard to find time for creative expression.

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Running OCJAC allows for such opportunities, given the breadth of non-visual arts programs typically offered (poetry reading, cooking classes, writing classes, and more). But to see Wircberg really shine, you don’t have to go to OCJAC at all.

His tzniutThe fashion-thinking Instagram account, The Modest Mom, has over 20,000 followers. Wircberg, who worked in the fashion industry while she and her husband lived in Brooklyn, is now a bona fide fashion influencer. His project, as he describes it, is to help those who wish to dress modestly understand the proposition as generative and exciting, rather than tedious and boring.

“I kind of wanted to show myself how you can dress stylishly and stylishly while, at the same time, following the guidelines of modesty, which is very important,” said Wircberg. What started out as a hobby has developed into a vehicle for Wircberg to attract paid sponsors and raise money for organizations such as the Mikvah Town Center Community and the Philly Circle of Friends.

Wircberg talks about his son’s avant-garde art, bringing back old trends and his favorite neighborhood in Philadelphia.

What clothing trends would you like to see again?

Growing up in the 90’s, there were a lot of trends coming back that made me really happy. Fanny packs, scrunchies and slip dresses, to name a few. I also love some of the 80s trends – shoulder pads, oversized menswear. I’m a minimalist when it comes to style, but love to incorporate this trend into my wardrobe while adding my own simple touches.
What clothes didn’t you believe in first?
No regrets. Actually, I can’t believe I used to wear heels every day! Mother of three now, who am I kidding?

What’s your favorite quarantine food?

Any salad, always a pleasure. Or a halvah milkshake.

What clothes should more people wear?

Everyone should invest in a pair of incredible kicks. Most days I can be found in my white high-top basketball sneakers. They are trendy and, in my job, comfort is key.

What’s the weirdest piece of art you have in your home?

I wouldn’t say the oddest one, but my son Levi, 9, is an artist, and boy, do we have a house filled with his quirky items. Running out of space here – all artwork for sale, call for questions.

The best neighborhood in Philadelphia (it’s not Old Town)?

This is honestly the hardest question. The Rittenhouse is very classic Philadelphia. Love the rich history that accompanies the Old Town, along with its quaint coffee shops, boutiques and galleries. Northern Liberties / Fishtown is a trendy new place. I feel blessed to live in the city where I grew up and have all the neighborhoods so close.

What talent would you most like to have?

Playing an instrument must be cool.

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