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U.S. Disease Control and Prevention Center people recommended to wear cloth face coverings in public settings after the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of a class project, some Arizona University students who like fashion make videos about how to make masks from items that many people have at home.

“I received emails from various students about having anxiety and feeling not having control over their lives,” said Charlette Padilla, professor of practice at Norton School of Family & Consumer Sciences. “I decided to give them a project that they can complete and feel proud of. Giving back control over their learning can help combat feelings of helplessness. Remember, the sewing machine is one of our first technical tools that connects work, fashion, and society.”

Students share ideas on their videos. As an example, Lauren Best at the College of Fine Arts shows how to make a mask from a long sleeve shirt, without the need to sew, Jordyn Clarke at the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences make a face mask from cotton with hair ties for straps, and Brittany Faubel at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences use shopping bags and ribbons to make masks.

“I am inspired by the idea of ​​helping people, but making it fashionable and environmentally friendly,” said Clarke, a junior majoring in political science. “We consume and dispose of so many masks, making masks that can be washed and reused reduces our carbon footprint.”

This project is part of the Fashion Consumer and the Economy online course.

Fashion students are among the many in the UArizona community who help overcome the need for masks during a pandemic. Students at the School of Theater, Film & Television are using their costume skills to make cloth masks while the engineering and health sciences research team works design, 3D printing and test masks and filters for health care workers.

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