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  • Super Mario will celebrate its 35th anniversary later this year.
  • The brand new crossover with Uniqlo has given us lots of Mario merchandise.
  • Unlike most crossovers, this one not only looks great but also makes sense and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Super Mario. As you might imagine, there are many things planned. Nintendo has announced a collection of new games for the Switch. Now, it looks like the merch is starting to enter.

Usually this kind of transaction can give quite crazy results. Like the Louis Vuitton x League of Legends crossover with a £ 500 graphic shirt. Looks like Nintendo might actually make more sense than Riot Games.

The Super Mario 35 Birthday Collection is being created in collaboration with Uniqlo, a brand that is far more affordable.

The 35th Super Anniversary Collection Super Mario offers a decent mix of design styles. Not to mention some prices that are actually competitive. | Source: Uniqlo

The 35th Super Mario Commemorative Collection Is Quite Extraordinary

If you like the idea of ​​some of the top Mario merchandise, you might be lucky. This upcoming collection with Uniqlo displays some pretty classic Mario images. Not to mention some of the more minimal designs as well.

There won’t be a better way, outside of the video game, to mark Super Mario’s 35th Anniversary. Whether you use live game graphics or something with a little more design, you will find at least a cool shirt.

It’s a bit embarrassing only shirt. There are no other parts, such as jackets or bags, etc. Whatever it is, it’s nice to see a good collaboration for once. One that can be bought by most gamers without having to remort their homes for example.

More Game Companies Need To Perform These Various Crossovers

The reason why the 35th Super Mario Commemorative collection is so refreshing is because we don’t often see things like this. Not a brand crossover, we see a lot. But reasonable crossovers are a bit rarer today for several reasons.

When Square Enix or Riot Games partnered with Louis Vuitton, it just felt magnificent. Outside those bastards who go around bragging about the cost of their underwear, how many crossovers are there between modes and games?

Even if there is overlap, can’t it be a market that big? I have to imagine that most gamers see t-shirts and bags that are too expensive and think they are really silly.

Hopefully this new Super Mario Collection does not get the same response

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