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World footballers are known to make some very bold fashion choices, as they often come with superstar territory that is always the center of attention. That’s not to say that all footballers are guilty of giving up on flashy lifestyles, but there is certainly never a shortage of wardrobe options to react to.

In a recent interview with InStyle magazine (via Tz), Bayern MunichSerge Gnabry said he often received batons in the dressing room from his teammates for some of his more daring fashion choices. She has lots of bold choices in the fashion department and she says that her team-mates are always quick to tell her she’s really putting herself out there: “Yeah, there’s a lot to say because it’s often things that some don’t dare. wear. In the end, however, you just messed it up with a few jokes about it. “

He has had a number of different hairstyles since he was at Bayern. He has rows of corn, terrified locks, buzzing pieces, a tight fade, and pacing small stature. Looking back, he jokingly reflects on whether or not he is exercising well: “When I saw the photo from the phase where I had a really long afro look, I wondered if it made sense, but it’s still really funny.” I mean, hey, he was in sensational form for us when he scored and scored 4 goals on the pitch Champions League against Tottenham in North London when he had him, so I’m a huge fan.

Fashion icon, in my opinion:

Gnabry can use them all. Adidas jumpers, retro bucket hats, scarves, sunglasses, jackets, plain t-shirts, printed buttons, you name it. She could probably have her own set of designers if she really wanted to. Maybe it was something she could explore with Leon Goretzka and / or Leroy Sane.

Of course, the Bayern squad is full of fashion icons and Goretkza has essentially transformed himself into a half-time model alongside football. Gnabry now also has a partner in crime (arguably) at Bayern with Leroy Sane, who took a few beatings a few years ago for wearing a furious coat of arms with graffiti graffiti on it as part of his style. Gnabry hasn’t stopped wearing anything so bold, but between the two of them, there was a lot of good banter.

I mean, unfortunately, not everyone can wear a turtleneck as well as Robert Lewandowski.

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