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This year has been tumultuous for the fashion industry. However, this does not mean that fashion trends will stop growing. In fact, the current global pandemic has spawned several fashion movements that you should be aware of. If you are a fashion-forward individual and want to be the first to set the trend, read on.

Trends to Watch in 2021

Oversized Boyfriend Jacket

Get the 80s look with a great retro-inspired henna jacket. Besides completing your appearance, this outerwear can add depth. Choose something that has shoulder pads that will add to the silhouette of the long outline as it will attach to your waist and add length to your legs. Pair it with leather shorts for a luxurious style.

Head Scarf

You may have seen the trend of dress up as Gucci fashion models, and this trend is sure to persist in 2021. The sleek fashion trends of the 50s and 60s will be popular next year. As well as protecting your hair from bad weather, a scarf can also complement your look without looking too overwhelming. For a more luxurious look, choose a silk scarf with an intricate pattern. The hijab is very versatile as you can also use it by wrapping it around your neck or hanging it in a bag as an accessory.

Pastel Tones

If you’re curious about the colors that will hit big in 2021, you should think about pastel tones, especially from summer to spring. You can choose from a variety of colors to suit your skin tone. Feel free to mix and match your clothes for a cohesive look. Not only beautiful, but also easy to complement your look from day to night.

High Neck Dresses

In 2021, it’s no surprise to see people wearing high-necked dresses, even for office wear or when going out at night. Why? A neck dress can be casual and formal at the same time. For some ideas on different styles of dress, you can take a look Little Jewell. They have a large collection of high neck dresses that you can choose from. When you wear this dress, you don’t need a lot of accessories.

Yellow bag

It may seem surprising, but it seems that most people now keep their basic black bag in their wardrobe and are now becoming bolder inside accessories. In 2021, yellow bags of different styles will be big.

Folk Inspired Coat

When it comes to outerwear, pay close attention coat inspired by the people. These pieces became popular for their intricate details and providing added protection against cold weather. These delicately embroidered and lace pieces are perfect for accentuating your look. Add versatility to your wardrobe with this all-purpose outerwear.

Knee High Boots

A must have in your wardrobe are knee high boots that will take you back to the ’60s. These footwear can instantly enhance your appearance. Want to wear shorts but don’t want to look too casual? Complete your look with knee-high boots.

Fringe Bag

Define it with a fringe bag. In 2021, this bag style will literally be what everyone else will be wearing when you finally hit the streets after the travel restrictions are over.

These items are a must-have in your wardrobe if you want to stay stylish next year. For now, take this time to shop for this look. Come next year, you’ll have everything you need to prop up your stuff. Choose well and make sure you go for a classic look rather than go with the flow fashion trends.

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