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The fashion industry has carved out its own new niche – clothing and accessories for video chat – but maintains all the double standards of what different people need to get the best.

As spotted by CNN journo Sonia Moghe, the Gap Republic Banana luxury work wear brand exhibiting the spring trend with the new “What to wear at home” category on its US website.

Registration think it’s worth seeing and quickly find retailers offering sub-categories and the first for men is called “Comfortable & Cozy” and features many beautiful soft, floppy and fuzzy clothes.

But the first sub-category for women is called “Video chat ready” and sharp and well-designed business casual clothing features (some in dense patterns that don’t work on the camera).

Next for women: “Video Chat Accessories” such as bandanas, hair clips and bracelets. Women do get the “Comfortable and Comfortable” sub-category, but as the third priority.

Men also get the book to look “Video Chat Ready” – and it shows shorts and socks as appropriate clothing.

There are no prizes for guessing that underwear is not recommended as a video conferencing outfit for women.

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Other fashion retailers too – forgive this game – for this. One response to Moghe’s tweet shows that the world’s biggest fashion retailer Zara has a new passion for sunbathers, a clothing sub-genre made just to relax around the house.

Loungewear is also the category highlighted on the women’s clothing page of British retailer Marks & Spencer at the time of writing. M&S men are asked to buy a pair of polo shirts at a reasonable price. The H&M home page is full of references to feeling comfortable at home.

M&S Loungewear

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Now do not let you consider us unfair criticism, we give several opportunities List Staff in their work from home clothes.

Your simple hacking thinks it might be fun to show the vendor’s socks that he never likes to wear them to the real world, while perhaps leaking some unconscious thoughts about where he prefers to be.

US news editor, Iain Thomson, has done better, ensuring his colleagues at the daily virtual news meeting have new costumes to consider.

If you have adopted what came to be known as “Beautiful Zoom” and are willing to share shots that can appear Registration, put me down one line . ®

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