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At the age of 52, Celine Dion’s fashion choices prove that her wardrobe is as beautiful as her voice. The style of the five-time Grammy award-winning singer is celebrated because he has been able to hone his rare ability to simultaneously make a timeless and brave appearance with little effort. Since her husband’s death in 2016, Dion has been undergoing a very common mode of rebirth that has evolved into her who often wears the most maximal clothes. The smooth transition from a couture dress to bold and bold clothing exuded an unrepentant trust in her image. It is this combination of bold elegance and fearless attitude that makes all eyes on the evolution of Celine Dion’s clothing appearance.

Known for wearing couture as comfortable as a sweatpants, his presence at the couture runout is not only expected, but also a basic necessity. Dion not only embodies the behavior of the couture house, but has been seen physically moved from the front row of runway shows like Valentino Couture Spring 2019 and the Giorgio Armani PrivĂ© show earlier this year. There is nothing stronger than showing one’s vulnerability. His reaction shows us that he did not attend the show to warm the chair, but he filled every place he attended with enthusiasm.

With its luxurious and flawless style paired with a strong voice, what more can you ask for at a Hollywood superstar? Courage, the title of his new album, we think is safe to assume, inspired by himself and a journey of a lifetime. After all, this kept him relevant in his 40-year career. Looking at Celine Dion more broadly, we can no longer just label her an accomplished singer, but part of a rare creative type, who is able to express herself through every medium they touch.

Check out our Celine Dion fashion gallery below for some of her most memorable performances over the years, and how much her style has changed.

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