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When COVID-19 changed this industry, we gathered all the latest developments in this regard ongoing list

Considering this industry is built on globalization, the movement of people, things, and ideas is fundamental to maintaining the current fashion landscape. However, the past two months, have seen this structure torn from under the feet of industry, as the world is gradually entering near total closure as a result of coronavirus.

The global pandemic has an unprecedented effect on everyone, and the fashion industry is no different. Ranging from student designers who saw their graduate performances canceled, to retailers who were forced to close their stores; luxury brand cancel their blockbuster presentation for garment makers to see their income taken and Factory workers must carry out their work in unsafe conditions, the current situation has affected everyone in the industry on many levels.

Although things continue to shift and vibrate every day, through all this the world of fashion has stepped in to provide as much assistance as possible during this outbreak. This has turned the factory into a production facility make necessary items such as facemasks, have donating money, and has submitted a number online initiative to help maintain enthusiasm during isolation, and in the process, he has established himself as an important player in the fight against coronavirus.

By developing news about what is happening quickly and quickly, understandably, it is quite difficult to keep up with everything. With that in mind, we have made a quick list detailing the events taking place in the industry, who did what, and how they continue to help in the fight against coronavirus, which we will continue to update from now on.


Burberry is funding vaccine research when this happened at Oxford University. The British luxury label has also turned its Yorkshire factory into a facility for making surgical masks, as well as gowns and non-surgical masks.

Pathway has announced his plans for start making masks, once given the green light by the French government. The French label has also donated € 1.2 million in emergency funds to the public hospital system in France, and has guaranteed that workers will pay eight weeks’ salary.

Bootleg label Sports Banger dropped his weekly Nike x batch NHS mash-up shirts, with all the benefits used to provide food for NHS workers in four hospitals in London.

Michael Kors, Versace, and Jimmy Choo has pledged to donate a total of $ 3 million to coronavirus efforts conducted around the world.

In Ukraine, stylist Nadiia Shapoval reaching out to the fashion community to help create equipment after a nurse was fired for refusing to enter a hospital room with a patient suffering from coronavirus, without being given the necessary protective clothing. Now, a team produces 7,000 suits, with 200-300 disposable suits made per day.

Students on the Fashion and Textile course at Central Saint Martins help for non-surgical scrubs for NHS staff. The pattern will be available for anyone to download via the CSM website in the near future.

Hermes promised to donate € 20 million to a public hospital in Paris. The house also said it would maintain a basic salary for its employees.


That Menswear the season, scheduled to start in June, will no longer occur as scheduled. Second London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week has canceled their event, while the Millan event will now take place in September shortly before the women’s clothing season. Pitti Immagine Uomo, set to take place in Florence, will also be postponed until September.

The upcoming AW20 Haute Couture presentation has also been canceled, along with the Cruise event, all of which have been postponed indefinitely.


That Alexander McQueen the label has started a a series called McQueen Creators. Ask followers to create artwork based on image choices, with new artistic challenges announced every week, upload your artwork to social media with the hashtag #McQueenCreators for the opportunity to be displayed on all social platforms at home.

Somewhere, that Sarabande Foundation, an artistic charity founded by Alexander McQueen, has established a a series of free online lectures. With like Molly Goddard, The Walker Team, and Samuel Ross from A-COLD WALL * all taking part, the online course will end Thursday (April 9).


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