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The owner of Fashion Squad School sews masks for the hospital

I visited Layana Aguilar and her students at Fashion Squad School at the end of February and had a post ready to go when, well, you know. So when we all return, I will notify the post. Meanwhile, he is busy.

So first a little background: Layana is a fashion designer whose work on Project Runway catches her attention: she will continue to design dresses for Disney princess Elena from Avalor and start her own label. (She and her husband, Philip Hordjik, and Henzo and Rich’s children live in Hudson.) But when she was asked to teach young neighbors to sew, she liked it enough to open classes to more children, and until the virus attacked, run second grade every day hours of his studio sewing at 19 Hudson.

Now he has a walking class at Zoom, and his tailor Laura Oscam, who moved with him so they can keep the business going, also sews masks for the hospital. They work with a Brooklyn hairdressers are called Stichroom, which coordinates efforts throughout the city to make masks and distribute to local hospitals. Layana and Laura have produced 200 to date.

But something is interesting: all its regular suppliers have run out of elastic until they refill in May. Layana can only complete its order for Stichroom by cutting a number of projects that children have done at the beginning of the semester. He had a few ideas in the meantime: ask his Garment District supplier to open a curbside delivery, or redesign a mask as a tie. “We are pretty much resourceful.”

He has also launched a series of videos for his students and his family has been brought to TikTok to prevent boredom – of course by matching homemade clothes. More when we return.

@layanaaguilarOur first family Tiktok !! Thank you @cloudtalk for the inspiration @theweeknd ?? ## blindinglights ## long distance ##bored at home ## fashionfamily ##for you♬ original voice – fashion school

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