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While 2020 is the year TikTok takes over fashion, there appears to be no slowdown for popular social media apps. The online video platform doesn’t just have a lot of features fashion content and creator, but TikTok recently announced an editorial partnership with IMG – the agency behind your favorite modeling and New York Fashion Week events – for TikTok Fashion Month. This type of deal further strengthens its main (and always growing) presence in the world of fashion, especially when it comes to social media.

“What sets TikTok apart is the content, which doesn’t have to be perfect; and for us, that perfect, ”TikTok Leader for Fashion & Beauty Partnerships, CeCe Vu, told NYLON. “We encourage the organic, spontaneous and fun side of the content creator’s personality to demonstrate, a mentality that resonates well with fashion brands and fashion lovers everywhere.”

TikTok is known for sparking viral fashion trends, from Make a Harry Styles patchwork cardigan and show your cultural heritage through clothing, for suddenly sales of shopping areas and move on to roller skates for clothing inspiration. Now, Vu has some predictions for what might appear on the For You Page in the new year. “By 2021, we hope to see more responsible and sustainable fashion trends emerge, as well as the emergence of related educational content within the fashion and style community,” he said. “We’re also predicting a change for many brands to adopt a similar inclusive mindset, collaborating with content creators who reflect this new trend.”

Vu describes certain creators as “style and substance,” such as activists who are vocal about social issues, or creators who violate the traditional norms of the high fashion industry. As for what types of fashion content can garner more views and engagement on TikTok, Vu has a few tips for that too.

“Apart from trying to create your own fashion trends while engaging with the TikTok community, I would encourage our fashion creators to show off their styles by giving their own unique touches,” she notes, adding product features such as Stitch, Duet, and Respond-Comment-with- Videos are some great examples. “More importantly, share your backstory or thought process while doing it. And don’t forget to show your audience in the comments section. “

Below, we round up fashion TikTokers to watch in 2021, along with some specially handpicked creators from Vu itself.

Arielle Sidney, @bayu_joo 91.3 thousand followers

The 22 year old drama student not only creates stunning visuals for his videos, but he also went viral on TikTok because of his upcycling design. Arielle Sidney will make a set that is cooler than you one day from an old rug, then a bunch of outfits consisting of a shopping bag the next. Artworks!

Montana Sullivan, @pramuka_cinta 112.5 thousand followers

Montana Sullivan clothing will always make you want to hit the checkout button on a new shopping purchase. Luckily, he tells you about places he likes to shop, along with giving you an overview of his latest packages and unboxing. Plus, she runs her own thrift shop called Vintage kiss.

Marissa Ren, @bayu_joo 1.8 million followers

This 20-year-old woman who lives in Atlanta has a long-standing Chinese street fashion video series on her account, along with her own content that focuses on seasonal fashion trends, essential outfits and groceries.

Natasha, @bayu_joo 133.4 thousand followers

UK-based Natasha is not only a talented illustrator, but she’s also managed to pull off (and pull off) every famous fashion item on Instagram, from House of Sunny knitwear to cherubled Fiorucci shirts. In addition to videos of clothes and catches, she gives mini tours of her rooms, which provide lots of home decorating inspiration.

Tatiana Bruening, @ilumatiana 1.4 million followers

Most of the fashion content took off due to good imagery, and photographer Tatiana BrueningTikTok provides a behind-the-scenes look at how to achieve that. The video documents her own shoot with famous maker TikTok, along with tips on how to take the best selfies, camera suggestions, and outfit ideas.

Carly Svensson, @ long.t 21K followers

If you do end up watching Carly Svensson’s video, you’ve officially made it to Tall TikTok. The 6’2 ”creator offers tons of advice on high body positivity and fashion, from shopping guides and wardrobe recommendations to showing off her own outfits.

Devan Anderson, @noval_lutfianto 3.2 million followers

This male clothing guru living in Los Angeles combines his passion for style, sneakers, and anime on his TikTok page. Not only does her account provide tons of fashion advice and ideas, she also creates videos that take advantage of the style of dress inspired by anime characters.

Moe Black, @bayu_joo 82.8 thousand followers

TikTok content from plus size influencer, Moe Black, has it all: stylish ideas, aesthetic-inspired shopping, remaking Pinterest clothes, haul videos, and more. Her natural flair for all things fashion is just an added bonus.

Yasmeen Garcia, @sameengarcia 203.7K followers

Whether you’re looking for style tips, figuring out how to wear clothes based on your body type, or an easy DIY idea, Yasmeen Garcia – TikToker’s famous “fashion hacks” – has your back.

Dani, @tokopedia 113.6K followers

Houston-based TikTok Dani is packed with fashion inspiration, including OOTD, try-on hauls, and style tips. She’s also promoted some of her favorite curvy and plus size creators to follow and explain to her followers the meaning of “medium.”

Batsheva Haart, @bayu_joo 1.3 million followers

While New York-based Batsheva Haart’s content ranges from glimpses into her family and life to tours of her mother’s famous wardrobe on TikTok, her best videos are about fashion, including her signature “30 Days Of Oufits” series.

Delaney, @model 10.8 thousand followers

This 20 year old New Yorker is a friend obsessed with the fashion you want to have in your life. Not only will she teach you about trend predictions, runway collections, and celebrity style nostalgia, but she will also provide you with tons of brand and clothing tips, such as her TikTok video streak where she envisions famous influencers.

Denise Mercedes, @deniscabdia 2.6 million followers

Dominican fashion blogger, Denise Mercedes, doesn’t let the size 14 frame stop her from showing off her style. In fact, TikToker went viral for starting a positive body online trend #stylenotsize.

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