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If you keep listening, chances are that you are already familiar with the conversations that are taking place in the fashion industry the importance of sustainability. What started out as a keyword has become increasingly important to consumers as climate change worsens, and brand aware of the need to adapt, immediately.

This topic raises questions about justice How harmful clothing manufacturing is for the well-being of our ecosystem. According to the World Economic Forum, fashion is responsible for 10 percent of all carbon emissions and is the second leading cause of consumption of world water supplies. That is, the influence of fashion on the environment is very detrimental.

In fact, only 42.6 percent of brands said they had a “sustainable product line”, according to Drapers. This shows that even though 91.6 percent of brands acknowledge it consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious with their purchases, the industry as a whole still has a long way to go. However, brands that have embarked on an eco-responsible journey are doing so without sacrificing cool, trendy results, and contrary to popular belief, sustainable shopping doesn’t always mean breaking the bank.

The way brands approach sustainability individually tends to differ – some use 100 percent natural products, while others use a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. Some offset their environmental footprint with investments and donations to organizations working to restore the planet; others rely on a slow mode approaches to reduce their impact. The bottom line is that there are a number of brands that make clothes and accessories that allow you to look and feel good at the same time. Since we all know how hard it is to narrow your choices down to what is really worth your hard-earned dollar, we took the liberty to spend it all on you beforehand. The best part? Every part of this piece is literally made to last.

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