Instagram’s Favorite WFH Fashion Trends = Tie a Pillow to Yourself | Instant News

Staying at home is important now, and everything’s fine, why do you ask? Is it possible because Instagram’s favorite new fashion trends currently involve people carrying large pillows on their bodies? Do you imagine the world where the last sentence exists?

If you can’t imagine it, this is what I mean when I say, again, for the second time, that fashion influencers are carrying pillows for themselves and taking photos of “clothes”.

(Please click / scroll to the second image above ^, there is a matching wallet!)

This one is even better because there are puppies:

Go and say: This actually looks rather chic. I like matching accessories!

Also, we can all use a little frivolity and this touches all the right notes for ‘Gram: aesthetically pleasing, still a bit of a meme, funny dog, etc. So I’m here for that! Achieve your biggest pillow, all the monochrome add-ons that might suit him, and your belt, ppl.

This next point is not based on any facts, but I suspect that whoever started this trend might be inspired by this old Victor & Rolf couture display, which also recently made a round of memes during this WFH period.

By the way, see you on the other side of this, friends!

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