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Cameron Silver has always been ahead of trends and content platforms – as Los Angeles cheerleader, a vintage clothing teacher who opens his book Decades shop back in 1997, an early blogger, influencer and reality show star, and a lowly one H by Halston pitchman at QVC since 2015.

Now temporarily off-air and quarantined at his home on the outskirts of West Chester, Penn., He channels his charms to the new media, Instagram Live, where he hosts twice a week, the 35-minute episode “Candid Cameron” featuring guests like Isaac Mizrahi , Amy Fine Collins, Jennifer Tilly and Dana Thomas, and “Couture Kibbitz” with fashion historian Rachel Elspeth Gross. (Schedule available on Instagram Silver.)

“I like to do shows, and I miss airing,” said fashion director H by Halston, explaining that “Couture Kibbitz” tackles a different theme each episode, such as the Battle of Versailles in 1973, as originally created by WWD. That. “Candid Cameron” is an interview format that can cover a variety of topics. On April 8 at 6 PM ET, for example, Silver will chat with Mizrahi about theater, not fashion.

“The idea is to create community in this crisis and a little disruption and maybe give people a little knowledge,” Silver said, adding that he was still polishing the side of production technology, which he did himself. “I also want to do this so that it will force me to wave my hair and take care of me!” she says.

As for other parts of its business, Decade was closed due to the coronavirus crisis. “My staff are trying to do as much as they can digitally, and we are working on an SBA loan, it’s really scary,” Silver said. “I have owned a store for 23 years, and this is a retail genre that has never been more relevant,” he said, adding that he was a proponent of sustainability before being made fashionable.

His antique proboscis show (he has about 20 years in the whole country) was also held. But he hopes, even with the challenges of a pandemic. “There’s something about being a legitimate person in this field,” he said, when asked about competition from recent re-commerce giants, such as The RealReal. “I have worked on several projects to increase the scale of business in partnerships that I hope will continue afterwards. And I have perspective. I experience white gloves for people. I have never tried to be everything to everyone. That’s a lesson many brands will learn now. “

“And many of the larger e-comm sites have done so much marketing to further rule out the preloved idea that it has additional benefits. I also worked on a guide to editing your closet, I did all of this. “We all throw spaghetti on the wall, but it comes from a place of authenticity,” he continued.

As for the future of fashion and content, “That must return to authenticity and familiarity,” he mused. “There is new media happening in two weeks. This is DIY in the extreme, and there will be personalities that emerge from this period that authentically create content. Right now, it’s not about showing off, it’s about appearing.”

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