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Due to the pandemic, the fashion world is experiencing a major slowdown in 2020. People have stopped buying designer clothes and have instead started investing in designer masks and comfortable clothing. From changing buying patterns to fashion weeks shifting to digital, the Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the global fashion industry to its core. But one good thing that is coming out of it is that the fashion industry is getting smarter in terms of social and environmental responsibility. We spoke with renowned choreographer and Runway Director, Jagnoor Aneja about how sustainability, optimism and digitization are the talking points of this season, and he helped us take note of the emerging trends in the fashion industry.


Paying attention to the planet’s future is clear after what the world faced last year. Brands that focus on eco-friendly and sustainable clothing and accessories are in great demand these days. Sustainability is clearly the most important factor when it comes to fashion consumers as it greatly influences their buying behavior.

Inclusive dress sizes

There is an increasing level of awareness about the acceptance of body shape and body positivity, therefore there has been a shift in the size of clothing available around the world. Now they vary from plus size to pregnant mode to size inclusive mode. Apart from the standard sizes, many designers have recently expanded their collections to plus sizes. From editorial shoots to ramp walks, plus size models seem to rule the world of fashion. Curvy women are quickly becoming the favorite of the new fashion.

Athleisure is on trend

With so many people making lifestyle changes and adapting fitness-driven routines, it has inspired the brand to produce yoga-inspired clothing. Moreover, thanks to the corona phase, people want to wear comfortable and practical clothes. Brands that combine fashion and functionality to create stylish wearables are achieving blockbuster growth in the market.

Killed in Pantone colors

Pantone color of the year has been a trendy trend for several years and this trend has been embraced by people all over the world. Recently, the Pantone Color Institute announced two colors for 2021, namely Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. These two colors are certainly the most vibrant and we will all see fashionistas and celebrities wearing these two in 2021.


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