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Amazon Fashion president named Muge Erdirik Dogan on Wednesday, brings a new, tech-savvy and stylish outlook to one of the industry’s most important businesses.

Dogan took over from Christine Beauchamp, who headed the fashion business in 2017 and has now been promoted to head of the corporate consumer category in North America.

Beauchamp’s new role has its oversight Amazon Fashion, beauty, homes, toys, electronics and sporting goods while continuing to be a member of Amazon’s senior leadership team – team-s.

Amazon is the dominant e-commerce company in the US and much of the world, delivering more than one billion fashion, home electronics, beauty and personal care products and toys to customers around the world during the holiday season.

But it’s a vast empire – from video production to merchandise sales to remote shipping and web services. Revenues totaled $ 386 billion last year and made a profit of $ 21.3 billion.

It is difficult to get an independent understanding of the fashion business from outside the ecosystem, but it is more of a force of nature in the apparel industry, not just another competitor.

The company has long worked to bring the brand onto the lap to sell in its markets, but the dynamics have yet to pick up amid the pandemic and many retailers are doubling down on their own web businesses, which have been burning with dropping traffic in stores.

It’s unclear where Dogan intends to direct the business, but he brings 13 years of experience as “Amazon,” says Jeff Bezos, company founder and the chief executive came out, is used to describe employees.

Dogan’s LinkedIn profile and experience, including his career at Amazon beauty, shows an unusual range for a fashion budding titan.

He was class president when he received his master’s degree in chemical engineering from the Bosphorus University in Istanbul, focusing his thesis on “Integration of Heat and Power for Network Heat Exchanger”. And then he got his Ph.D. in mathematical modeling, optimizers from Carnegie Mellon in 2007 before turning to the decidedly high-tech and disruptive Amazon.

“I am looking forward to building on the excellent work that has been done in this dynamic category under the leadership of Christine Beauchamp, and would like to draw on her guidance along with my experience in retail, technology and innovation,” said Dogan.

Dogan has been in the fashion spotlight before and played a key role in Amazon’s efforts to attract brands to e-commerce giants in other categories.

He WWD Summit in 2016, when Dogan was general manager of Amazon Beauty, he noted: “Can the online experience sustain brand equity – the brand equity that many of you worked so hard to build? Does the online space apply to beauty? What is an online beauty customer and is he shopping for beauty products online today? The answer to all three is yes. “

All of those questions continue to be relevant for fashion on Amazon, which is now looking for designer fashion brands to take on its new luxury platform while competitors, such as Farfetch, are gaining speed.

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