Meet The Designer Duo Who Turned Baroque Painting Into Fashion-Forward Jeans | Instant News

After enlisting the help of a digital printing company in Thailand to transfer images to straight cut jeans, designers quickly started gaining a simple but loyal following on Instagram. “We are online with the first 20 prototypes we have,” said Boss. “It’s not like we have lots of pants sitting at home waiting for customers, it’s more of a case to try them on and see what people think of them. We were very surprised by his reaction. “Since then, the couple has continued to distribute their work only through direct messaging, a sales model that suits them.” I think Instagram gives you so many opportunities that we didn’t realize before we started branding, “said Hartmann. also great for us, because through these direct messages you end up having very close contact with your customers, which is actually pretty cool. “

So what’s next for Ebony Tylah? “After all this feedback and seeing people getting into it, and moving away from the mysterious atmosphere we were trying to create, we wanted to focus more on working with some contemporary artists on limited edition works,” Boss said. Pay attention to this (carefully printed) space.


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