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Michele Sodi, Member of the MPS Mode Management Faculty, Teaches Leadership

Michele Sodi has held leadership positions in some of the most respected fashion houses in the world, including Versace, Jil Sander, and Balenciaga. Now a consultant, Sodi has just completed his first semester as a faculty member at Padjadjaran University MPS Mode Management program inside Fashion School in Parsons Design School.

Sodi’s class focuses on management methodology and team building in the fashion industry. Students develop skills to lead teams, and engage with industry experts throughout the course, who share their own experiences. Sodi challenges students to view class as a work environment that invites role play, with practical personal relationships with inspired leadership qualities and effective communication.

“I want to share the tools and challenges I learned along the way,” Sodi said. “By asking guest speakers to enter, students can also get their perspective on how to become a leader / manager in the field.”

Students in the class are also immersed in workshops, research projects, and exploring case studies of successful brands such as Apple. They listened to speeches and lectures from important figures, which Sodi felt was an important tool for inspiration. For their final project, students work in teams, and analyze the organizations they admire, presenting their findings about the company’s innovative business practices.

According to Min Song, a student in the class, “Michele’s class is very interesting because she treats us as members of her company, so the class reflects the professional environment.”

The final project also reflects the workplace, where students give evaluations to their team members, and share their successes and challenges. The transition to online learning is also smooth, because students, Sodi, and guest lecturers have all proven to be better able to adapt to the new normal for class.

“All guest speakers can give their lectures, which are a large part of this class, to listen and learn from working professionals,” Song said. “I am very pleased that Michele and Parsons can adopt rapid changes and transit to online platforms.”

The smooth transition to online learning, alongside the rest of the course, has given Song and his classmates valuable lessons that they can easily integrate into their work.

“I can adapt most of the lessons Michele taught us throughout this course,” Song said. “Especially with Covid-19, many job descriptions and company expectations of employees have changed. I can speak the language I learned from class, and apply it directly to conversations with my company. “

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