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Austin, Texas, May 13, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Data research company Global Language Monitor recently released its ranking for the top global fashion capital in terms of sustainability for 2020 at the newly launched company Top Global Fashion Capitals website. GLM research has revealed a significant shift to more sustainable practices. Demonstrate collective acceptance of sustainability in the fashion industry, London, New York, Milan, and Paris top of the list.

“Special note is position Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland at the top of the list as smaller, emerging, less traditional fashion capitals like Austin and Portland, “said Paul JJ Payack, GLM president, and chief curator of the Top Global Fashion Capitals.”Copenhagen strengthen its position as a sign of future trends as well as a number of fashion centers that are on the rise Asia, Africa, and the middle East. “

That Global Language Monitor analysis documents the ongoing upheaval in the fashion industry. This upheaval included consumer unemployment, mall emptying, and retail giants entering the bankruptcy process. Long-term concern is the disruption of the entire global supply chain from US cotton fields to textile producers to low-cost manufacturing facilities in the US. Bangladesh, India and Vietnam. Around 60% of the world’s clothes are made of polyester. Lower oil prices will ensure that oil-based fabrics are even cheaper alternatives than their natural counterparts. The popularity of conscious social trends such as organic materials (cotton, linen, silk and wool), practicality in pricing and manufacturing, local inspiration, remodeling clothing, and vintage style change what will look like clothing in the near future, as global trade and manufacturing adapt to the post-pandemic world.

Data is played in conversations and events around the world when concepts are rippling through various facets of the fashion industry. According to an article on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website, the rescheduled Met Gala will “conclude with a small number of clothing choices starting in 2020 linking the concept of duration to debates on diversity, inclusiveness, sustainability, traceability, transparency, longevity, collaboration, and other ethical issues related to the next decade of fashion. “

Global Language Monitor has been at the forefront of the Sustainability movement since they called “Sustainability” the Top Word of the Year in 2006. At that time, the choice of ‘Sustainability’ was considered controversial. GLM then named “Sustainability” said No. 3 century 21.

GLM has been ranked in the ‘Top Global Fashion Capitals’ since 2007, and has been widely quoted about sustainable, ethical and green fashion, including parts of the Red Carpet Green Dress “”Fashion Designer’s Resource Book. “

For their analysis of Top Global Capital Fashion in Sustainability for 2020, published in the new GLM Top Global Fashion Capitals website, Global Language Monitor uses the Brand Affiliation Brand algorithm (BAI ™) and Narrative Tracking Index (NTI ™), the same technology used to measure global brand equity for Olympic companies, the World Cup, Fortune 500 companies, and more. Textual analysis of billions of web pages, millions of blogs, and the top 400,000 global print media, and electronic media including social media covering the past three years help better assess short-term speed and long-term momentum.

For more information and to see a complete list of the Top Global Capital Cities in Sustainability for 2020, please visit Global Language Monitor Top Global Fashion Capitals website or email [email protected].

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Global Language Monitor Report Reveals Top Global Fashion Capital Cities Lead Costs Towards Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

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