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I start every day Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the same way, by going into my wardrobe and choosing the look of the day. This is an important ritual now, right there by checking new fossils on my island or opening my letter. I think of it as set the tone today; if I look fresh, then I definitely have a good playing session.

So far, clothing is my biggest expense. I buy things in various colors and variations, just in case. I shop for accessories, shoes, backpacks. When I visit a friend, I change clothes for the event. And once I was there, I was head straight for their Able Sisters shop, because I want to see what’s in hedgehog stock. In fact, I was initially happy to ignore home expansion …

… until I realized that I was need more space for all my boots. Now getting a luxury home is another priority, but only so I can turn it into a glorified wardrobe. Being able to decorate it is only a good bonus.

My fashion obsession is not a purely selfish pursuit. I also dedicate time to trying to improve my island clothing choices, because sometimes, they need a little help. But mostly, it’s nice to see what they will wear.

But, there is only so much that I can do. Some villagers will gladly use my gift string for about a day before returning to their old thread, which will then never be seen again. However, my biggest frustration is how this game treats more rounded villagers, like Humphrey the gerbil – the clothing of the game looks low on them, as if they were stretched. Even so, there is nothing like the sensation of seeing that a handpicked item is actually worn by a favorite villager.

I am not alone in the charm of my Animal Crossing mode: Many fans create “lookbooks“Which is viral on social media sites like TikTok, share clothes under hashtag like #OOTD, or they have a complete fashion show. There is even a dedicated fashion mechanic, thanks to a stick that allows you change between previously chosen clothes.

Despite spending around 80 hours in the game, I’m still amazed at all the different performances you can make. The options are endless because you can import patterns – a number of them people use to remake actual luxury brands – and because the game does not limit your options based on gender. Sometimes, my male characters want to wear oversized sweaters … and that doesn’t matter!

I am not surprised to learn that there is a reason the mode in this game is very good. As The Verge reported in an interview with New Horizon producer Hisashi Nogami, the developer of Nintendo too works on Splatoon, a series where clothes are really your source of strength. Incidentally, Splatoon also has some of the best video game modes, and works very well to give the shooter a clear taste and tone. In the case of New Horizon, sharp clothes make the game feel modern and modern. No wonder the brand released the entire clothing line in the game.

I might be biased here, but I am ready to attribute a lot New horizon great success in aesthetics, of which fashion forms a big part. Many times, we have seen applications, tools, and games from Bitmoji to Black Desert Online explode because people can re-create themselves or other famous celebrities. Animal Crossing takes it one step further by truly capturing our personality – you can tell a lot about someone’s vibrations by watching how they dress. And with hundreds of clothing choices, there are many ways to express your personality here.

But enough about that. This post is a complicated reason to share some of my clothes, which you can find below.

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