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Anticipation around Newly redesigned Buccaneers uniforms remind children who are waiting for Santa to arrive with the gift they want the most.

The prize was sent Tuesday afternoon when the franchise released three new jerseys that the team will be wearing this season – traditional white, classic red and a rushed look.

Most fans seem to like it latest renditions – which discards alarm clock-style fonts for more Super Bowl era look.

But we wanted to hear from the experts, so we consulted with eight fashion designers in the Tampa Bay area about the redesign.

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Tin (mostly) to win

Most of the fashion designers that we talk to consider the all-round look really cool.

Alicia Calero, a fashion designer from Lakeland, explores the superhero vibe.

“Everything is colored,” he said. “It’s very slim.”

Elizabeth Carson Racker, a fashion designer from Tampa, also greatly admires the haste of color uniforms. He hopes to see the team wearing it at home too.

“I feel like people think pewter is the dominant color,” he said. “They look like they are aggressive.”

Essence Flowers, who helped design Bucs’ cheerleading uniforms for three years starting in 2012, shows that pewter is not the best color.

While she does not hate hastily-colored uniforms, Flowers said as an African-American woman, “tin does not look good on my skin color at all.”

Welcome freshness

Linebacker Bucs, Devin White, models a new white uniform. [Tampa Bay Buccaneers]

There is an almost universal love for the monochromatic appearance of white and tin uniforms.

John William Barger III, a fashion designer from St. Petersburg, praised the fresh look for the franchise.

“Historically, most uniforms are toned in colors where the pants have a different color from the top,” he said. “Making a monochrome appearance I think is really fresh, especially pewter. This is a pleasant change. “

Racker said that the choice was an entirely red appearance and not a red top with lead pants, but Barger thought that it might be too excessive in the eyes.

Racker added that he would replace the letters on the red and white shirts, placing the red letters on the tin jersey and also the letters on the white jersey. And for accessories, he suggests black socks with two-tone red socks instead of white socks.

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A good blend of the past and present

Barger thinks the redesign is a marriage between the old and the new.

“They returned to traditional colors, traditional numbering with new fabrics,” he said.

Nancy Vaughn, creator of Tampa Bay Fashion Week, said the new appearance gave a little “touch” to the Super Bowl era uniforms and “makeover” of the latest uniforms (post-2013).

“When I saw them, I thought‘ This looks familiar, ‘”he said. “It’s like a renewed setback. Somewhat, in fashion, what’s old is new again. “

For Calero, it all brought back memories of the long and winning Bucs.

“We are all part of the Super Bowl era,” he said, “so I like that it returns that nostalgia.”

Wendi Braswell, a fashion stylist / image consultant in Tampa, certainly understands that feeling, being a Bucs fan since 1986. He called the whole look “sweet simplicity.”

“It feels new to me but it is familiar,” he said. “This is a good bridge from the past to the future.”

Ready for prime time

When Lightning debuted their alternative black T-shirt last season, many fans liked the close and direct style, but had difficulty reading the back of the shirt when they were in action.

The team overcame this concern this season – enlarging the border around the numbers to help them get a little better.

With the Bucs redesign, no fashion designer is worried about seeing them on promo videos or they believe they will be hard to read on the field this season.

“Everything is very clear,” Calero said.

Everything is in detail

Linebacker Bucs, David Lavonte became a model for one of the new uniform combinations. [Tampa Bay Buccaneers]

One of the details that Vaughn likes is the old type of “Buccaneers” on the front of the jersey, just below the neckline. He thinks the trim on the new kit is also good.

Sandra Davila, a landlord and stylist from Lutz, added that the black decoration on the white and red uniforms added a pop and gave it a “bolder look.” The red uniform gave rise to a strong feeling too.

Linda Zipkin, a fashion stylist / image consultant in Tampa, immediately noticed the overly large flag logo on the lead helmet. He thought that, coupled with the change to a black face mask (from the chrome ones), gave an overall dramatic look.

“They are conspicuous and slim,” he said. “I like them and I am very supportive (redesigned).”

Braswell also appreciated the franchise of deleting digital fonts.

“Throwing away the clock is a victory,” he chuckled.

Open to orange

Some fans were initially disappointed by the lack of iconic creamsicles anywhere in the redesign, although there is a chance to jersey one time next season if the NFL loosens its one helmet rule.

As for the designers …

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Bunga says she is accustomed to more traditional styles and color palettes.

While he agrees that the new design is cleaner and trendier, if Bucs really want a classic look that can be recognized nationally – like brands developed by Cowboys and Steelers well – they should keep using distinctive colors like the Super Bowl era. red retro cream and now loved.

“I think that’s what people usually see,” he said. “I think sticking with the colors of the signatures will benefit them.”

Final Rating

We asked eight designers to rate the new uniforms on a scale of 1-5, 5 very good.

Name select
Nancy Vaughn 4
Essence Flower 3.5
Alicia Calero 4.5
Elizabeth Carson Racker 4
John William Barger III 4
Linda Zipkin 5
Wendi Braswell 5
Sandra Davila 5
Average 4.4

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