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Haddadin’s Instagram biography reads, “Part-time architect / astronaut.” This is very strange for someone whose art is so personal. “A part-time astronaut,” the artist explained, “is more a metaphor of the world that I pass through my imagination, like an astronaut. The whole idea of ​​what is happening outside our planet also fascinates me, so maybe it’s a dream for what I can become in my next life! “

Artwork by Randa Haddadin.Photo: Randa Haddadin / Courtesy of the photographer

As far as he could remember, Haddadin sketched and drew himself. He first shared his efforts online in 2006 and was encouraged to continue. The idea of ​​the immortality of art, summarized in phrases Ars longa, vita brevisThat is not what motivated Haddadin. Instead, he found freedom in knowing that his work was mortal, destined to be cleaned in the bathroom. “This allows me to focus only on the process of creation itself; the lines, the feeling of the pen on my skin at the time, without having to worry about the drawing later, preserving or selling it, like ordinary works of art, “he explained. “The convenience of this temporariness allows me a lot of space to make without worry. The only thing I do to preserve the memory of this leather work is to take photos and share them with others. “

“Beach Adventure,” by Randa Haddadin.Photo: Randa Haddadin / Courtesy of the photographer

So enthusiastic were some of the nearly 162,000 followers of Haddadin that some had tattooed their designs on their skin; others try to re-create their designs in a less permanent way. This artist works with non-toxic ink pens, body paint, and various types of makeup – ingredients that he thinks are skin-friendly.

“Shades of Blue,” by Randa Haddadin.Photo: Randa Haddadin / Courtesy of the photographer

Haddadin cites Santiago Calatrava as one of his favorite architects, and there is some correspondence between the lace-like geometry of the lines and the air of the soaring structure. Not a fantasis, he categorizes himself as a “moody and emotional artist” who creates works that are “light but intense. I want to think that makes you smile and think occasionally,” he said.

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