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by Dana Andersen.

Sunday 17 May 2020 12:06

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Vintage fashion is recommended for everyone, from saving the planet, to finding your own style, but once you start searching for vintage parts, you may be overwhelmed with new questions. Why so expensive? T-shirts that cost maybe less than £ 10 when they were initially sold, were suddenly marked up to £ 50, and the skirt that fits in is definitely not worth £ 75, right?

Like most things, it depends on where you shop. Great vintage inventions can occur in car boot sales and charity shops, and only cost a pound or two, so why are they sold by vintage shops, who might find them in the same scenario, their price tags increasing so dramatically? There are several reasons behind it, the big one is how most online stores treat the clothes they find.

The pretty dress that you are trying to justify £ 60, may not start so beautifully. Many vintage clothing boutique owners find their products in poor condition. The process between ‘old clothes found in a musty attic’ to ‘beautiful items you need to try’ can be very difficult, making you pay for time, and materials, used to repair it, the original cost of the item, and a little extra so that the store is right really make a profit.

Most stores clean every item they buy, which has added time, and cost, to that item. It must be washed in the right way, to ensure no further damage, it usually means dry cleaning. Then, any damage to clothing in 10+ years of life needs to be repaired. Buttons, coatings, seams, whatever is damaged need to be repaired in a way that still feels original to the item, and will not be obvious to buyers. This again takes time for whoever does it, and adds to the money spent on the item.

Many old shops and boutiques buy their goods from other countries, many shops in the UK buy from America. The price per item is usually lower, but the additional price of shipping the item means that each item must get a little more profit. American Vintage clothing also has an additional amount of ‘trendy’, making it more valuable to buy from there, and sending it, because it can automatically be sold at a higher price, making more profit.

Finally, branded goods also have a large impact on prices. If you like to wear clothes without brands, or clothes from unknown and forgotten brands, the price will be much lower than if you are a big fan of Dickies, Gucci, or Channel.

If you want a cheap vintage shopping experience, you will look for items that have not been cleaned, haven’t been repaired in any way, and are not known brands. That means you have to do those things yourself, which adds to the time you have to spend on each item, and maybe additional costs for additional materials to repair the items, but it significantly decreases the money you will make. pay

Antique shops and boutiques have high price tags for a reason, and although it’s fair to say that not everyone can afford that price, it’s easy to understand why their prices are in that price range, once you know the work behind them scene.


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