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  • Vogue’s editor in chief, Anna Wintour, shared his thoughts on how the pandemic will impact the fashion industry in the long run in an interview with CNBC this week.
  • Wintour said that the whole industry is rethinking what fashion means and what it should be. This includes a lack of focus on novelty and speed in fashion – a concept championed by fast fashion retailers.
  • Experts say that out of a pandemic, we can see a big change in the way consumers shop and end “extreme consumerism” when people become more considered in their purchases.

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When Anna Wintour spoke, the fashion world listened, so ears were pierced this week when editor-in-chief Vogue – and one of the most influential voices in the industry – shared his thoughts on how he thought the coronavirus pandemic would impact fashion. long term industry.

“I think it really makes the industry stop, and I think everyone is rethinking what fashion means, what it means, what it should be,” Wintour said in a video interview with CNBC this week.

“I think this is an opportunity for everyone to slow down, produce less, and make the world fall in love with creativity and passion for fashion, and maybe less to have an emphasis on things that move so fast and always emphasize on what’s new.

“Fashion must survive, it must be emotional, it must have memories, it must be meaningful, and think that we need to re-evaluate – all of us who work in this industry – how we can present it,” he said.

Wintour said out of the pandemic, he expects consumers to focus more on shopping at brands and designers who they feel reflect their own values ​​and people who are more sustainable minded.

“I think they will be very concerned about sustainability,” he said, and “about the value of what they buy.”

Towards the pandemic, there has been a shift towards more conscious shopping. Consumers, especially younger ones, prioritize sustainability in fashion. Experts say a pandemic will only intensify this.

In the fashion business a recent deep dive into the impact of a pandemic on the fashion industry, the publication emphasizes sustainability, concluding that ultimately we can expect consumers to make more considered purchases in the future, which can lead to the end of “extreme consumerism,” he said.

“This pandemic will bring values ​​around sustainability into sharp focus, intensify discussions, and further polarize views about materialism, overconsumption and irresponsible business practices,” the report, made in partnership with management consulting firm McKinsey , say.

“This might signal the end of” extreme consumerism “for some consumers who reject the idea of ​​buying goods in large volumes.

“Brands that are able to change their mission orientation and business model in a more sustainable way will be able to serve a more captive audience than before,” he added.

Those who don’t, can stand to be missed. Quick fashion shops immediately appear here. While many of these retailers, such as H&M or Zara, have made significant steps to become more sustainable, the nature of their business model – to produce cheap and trendy clothing quickly – runs counter to the idea of ​​being truly sustainable.

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