Virgin Suicides Fashion Introduces Nightgown Trends | Instant News

Parallel between Virgin Suicide and our world today is undeniable. Caught in our own home by a place to stay, we are interested in the comfort and convenience provided by nightgowns. No wonder there is #Nightgown blast in TikTok, immediately revitalize fashion trends. But also, the rise of nightgowns is further proof of fashion fixation in an era like the 70s. “It seems, to me, that style reappears every 20 years … but this is a new version from the 70s. This is combined with a more modern style, ”Steiner said, likening the return of a fashion nightgown to the recent revival of high-waisted and full-legged pants, now featuring short, knee-length cuts. “It is only this small style detail that makes something more modern or less.”

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