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Digital fashion week can be a way out for the fashion world which is currently experiencing a severe slump. (Photo: Facebook / FDCI)

Usually the peak summer months are a time of rest for most of the fashion world, both internationally and at home. Coming in September, fashion weeks, all over the world, start to start one after another. But since the announcement by the Indian Fashion Design Council (FDCI), on Sunday night, for ‘India’s first digital fashion week’, the Indian fashion fraternity has snapped out of its summer siesta.

Social media pages from the nonprofit fashion agency announce that the first fashion week in digital format is very much done. “This is the need of the hours in the current COVID that we live on. Either we can continue to wait for things that are expected to return to normal, or we can adapt and make peace with the new normal,” said Sunil Sethi, President of FDCI. The final edition of Lotus Fashion Make-Up Indian Fashion Week (LMIFW) is scheduled to take place in mid-March but must be canceled indefinitely considering COVID pandemic.

Digital fashion week can be a way out for the fashion world which is currently experiencing a severe slump. Logistics and other details for the digital fashion week are still in progress, said Sethi. “We are looking for a couture format for Digital Week. We still have Indian Couture Week in the last week of July, or the first week of August, we try to keep using that calendar. But of course we will configure and rework with what the atmosphere of this country is, “Sethi added. The big couture name is scheduled to be part of the lineup, and a new format is also expected to be played. “We can expect master classes from designers on how to hang, style, or use creations.” There is also talk of creating a digital designer stock space and having more digital engagement with designers and weavers in the future.

FDCI is not the only fashion agency trying to make their way in the new world order. Alessandro Michele, head of Gucci, announced the departure of the Italian luxury fashion house from the chaos of the fashion season. “I will leave the seasonally worn ritual and show to regain a new rhythm, closer to my expressive calling. We will meet only twice a year. “writes Michele on the Gucci Instagram page. The upcoming edition of Men Fashion Milan Fashion will be held in a video format that has never been seen before, with photos and videos put together in a calendar format. Paris Fashion Week, which will take place from July onwards, will also held in the avatar video.

Digital fashion week is an unprecedented step for the fraternity of fashion and may change the way fashion is created, consumed and seen in India. “I am a very old person, with a very simple approach. I developed with energy from fashion week. But we need to make peace with new conditions and we need to create new opportunities. At certain times, physical fashion week may involve 5,000-10,000 people on a certain day, but with digital format, the sky is the limit. The announcement post just got 1,00,000 views, “Sethi said.


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