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While many people in the fashion community are trying to get out of the tidal wave of upheaval caused by coronaviruses, Fashion 4 Development is working on several initiatives.

Founder Evie Evangelou has booked a room in the US Delegation Dining Room for the end of September event designed to be the first step in developing more comprehensive intercontinental guidelines for continuity which is intended not only to be connected from one country to another, but also to hold companies and brands to account continuity promise.

Hoping that the current cancellation-all culture will subside in the fall, Evangelou said the plan was to hold an event during the 75th session of the UN General Assembly in New York. F4D plans to bring together fashion leaders with representatives from the US and various government officials to discuss issues related to sustainability. Aside from the need to bring them together in the same room, the plan is to create a steering committee that will work on proposals for the government to work with the fashion industry to agree on regulations, adjustments and legal issues to help speed up the supply chain.

“Everyone does their own things, signs their pact or whatever. But how do we follow up and check what they actually do? “Evangelou said.” I did not say this is the whole cure. But there are additional ways and important ways to apply certain rules and regulations. “

The US Partnership, the US Global Compact, the US Environmental Program, the US Ethical Fashion Initiative, the US Development Program, the World Bank and other institutions will be represented.

Evangelou continued, “We all know what we need to do for the environment and human rights as well. It’s time to unite in a truly organized way. The aim is to present ideas and ways that governments and producers can work together to improve sustainability throughout the supply chain. The world can really do better. This is an opportunity to reach the government. “

In other initiatives, F4D has helped connect the African Fashion Foundation with Italy Mode to create a scouting program for African designers. AFF’s founding father, Roberta Annan, Kofi, is the seventh general secretary of U.N. Annan also serves as the founder and managing partner of the Impact Fund for African Creation.

The new initiative by AFF highlights three African designers – fashion designers Torlowei and Ophelia Crossland, and designer millers and Velma accessories. The social impact project is twofold, with one part expanding distribution and the other empowering indigenous women.

Six poor women, who live on the streets, are placed in safe houses and will be trained in how to do beads, sewing, handwork and women’s hats, Evangelou said. With their help, three African designers will produce collections that will be displayed to retailers in the US, the Middle East, the US and other regions. There will be talks with e-tailers like Yoox, according to Evangelou. “The idea is to continue to train women every three months and continue to place their collections,” he said.

F4D is also looking forward to the next First Ladies Luncheon in the fall. Anticipating how social events might change after COVID-19, Evangelou is considering a more intimate meeting at the Pierre hotel, with a salon-like fashion show reminiscent of European houses held a few decades ago instead of a runway.

F4D opens the airwaves in other fields by helping organize talks about how different people – not just those who work in fashion – cope with COVID-19 through various universities. The first is with the University of California Television, known as UCTV, a media outlet that serves the public that has a 10 million audience. The F4D series was established through the T. Denny Sanford Institute for Empathy and Compassion at U.C. San Diego, which is one of 10 university campuses.

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