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Pandemic has changed the way business is done around the world and the fashion industry is not left behind. Interestingly, this 3D fashion show is planned for virtual release before the pandemic.

The 29-year-old designer is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and is now based in Baltimore in the United States where she is a contemporary women’s fashion designer and is the founder and main designer in Hanifa, founded in 2012. Her clothes have been warned by people like Kelly Rowland, Ciara and rapper Cardi B to name a few.

Award for the Cobalt Congo mine

The new line of Mvuemba is titled the Pink Label Congo collection and is more than just a clothing parade. This is a virtual show with meaning.

A statement from the Hanifa website regarding the collection reads, “My hope is that this collection inspires all women to stand tall in their power and, like the Democratic Republic of Congo, to use their history, whether beautiful or painful – to redesign their future. . My country, the land of the Congo, is ripe with abundant natural resources – the largest of which are its people – its women. “

The fashion show began with a clip depicting Mvuemba’s hometown in Congo focusing on the experiences of women and children working in the cobalt mine. The environment is dangerous and minors and women are often abused and work tirelessly in harsh conditions.

Everything in the Pink Label Congo collection has ties to Congo – from bright colors to the fact that the line was created as a tribute to African tailors. This collection was created with support that can benefit families who work in the mine.

You can watch all IGTV @hanifaofficial shows.

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