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The miniskirt has been named after the most iconic fashion statement of all time – in front of a small black dress and hot pants.

A study of 2,000 Britons revealed the most impressive style trends, which also showed knee-high boots, denim jackets, and skinny jeans features in the top 10.

Tie die shirts, which were popularized in the swinging sixties, were also displayed, along with 1920’s flapper dresses and seashell suits from the 1980s.

Also among the fashion items most loved in the past were leather biker jackets, dungaree and band t-shirts.

The research, commissioned by Samsung to celebrate the launch of the new Samsung AirDresser, also revealed how a number of these impressive trends are still considered staples of wardrobe – with one in four saying skinny jeans are one of the must-have fashions.

A quarter of women like LBD, and one in 10 adults has a leather biker jacket.

As a result, two-fifths feel that fashion today consists mostly of old styles and trends that are back again.

And Harvie, vice president of household appliances at Samsung, said: “Our study only shows that there are many impressive trends from year to year, and as a result people depend on goods that they consider classic, while also investing in inventions vintage.

“This is good for sustainable fashion but often these clothes need to be cared for properly to protect them for the future.

“This is one of the reasons we developed Samsung AirDresser, to redefine how people take care of their clothes and help extend the life of each clothing.”

The study also found a plain shirt and a pair of trainers were among the staples of the wardrobe for the country, as well as black jeans and plain black trousers.

But one in 10 will say designer coats to keep them warm in winter are the most important item in their wardrobe.

Nearly half (48 percent) see these items as important because they ‘fit everything’, while 64 percent say they are very comfortable.

And 49 percent enjoy wearing it because they are suitable.

It also emerged that only 11 percent of those surveyed would describe their fashion tastes as ‘trends’, with as many as six in 10 describing their style as ‘comfortable’.

More than a third will say their appearance is more ‘basic’, while 13 percent think they have a ‘vintage’ advantage.

The study also found that Britons were hoarding these favorite clothes, with the oldest items in the wardrobe coming from 12 years, with 22 percent having something over 20 years old.

As a result, people do what they can to try and care for these older or more complicated items.

Nearly three out of 10 will avoid using it too often if it means preserving it for as long as possible, while the fifth washing them less.

A quarter will also make sure they wash it in a softer washing area.

The study, conducted through OnePoll, found three out of 10 found it difficult to clean clothes and keep them from losing shape or being damaged.

And 24 percent hope their clothes will last longer, with 40 percent willing to spend more money on items that have a longer shelf life.

And Harvie added, “We all have a favorite item that we want will last a lifetime, but it’s not easy.

“Regular washing is good for lives that are a little busy for your basic clothes, but for quality clothes, excessive washing can cause damage to the fabric.

“Samsung AirDresser is an innovative solution that keeps clothes fresh and removes unpleasant odors and hidden germs.

“This offers 99.9 percent sanitation with a sanitary cycle and gently carries for clothes, extending the period between washing.

“This means less pressure is applied to the fabric which helps the pieces maintain their premium feel for longer.”

30 pieces of the most iconic styles of all time:

1. Mini skirt
2. A small black dress
3. Hot pants
4. Denim jacket
5. Platform shoes
6. Lighted pants
7. Leather biker jacket
8. Shoulder pads
9. Knee-high boots
10. Skinny jeans
11. Shell suit
12. Breast tube
13. Dungarees
14. Tie Dye T-shirt
15. Denim mini skirt
16. Flapper dress
17. Cowboy boots
18. Maxi dress
19. Trim the top
20. Sports clothes
21. Bootcut jeans
22. High waisted jeans
23. Poncho
24. Knee-high socks
25. Halter top neck
26. Combat pants
27. Midi skirt
28. T-shirt band
29. Basic sports
30. Jeans are worn out


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