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Traditionally, when people think of fashion, most are associated with women. Fashion for the layman or for that matter the film is always regarded as a female ‘thing’ or for an annoying sexist character. Fashion for men, unfortunately, is not yet open in many fields.

However, over the times, gender stereotypes and false concepts of masculinity have diminished. Although faintly visible, the changes are slow like small steps. Especially the fashion and entertainment industry which first appeared to change. The fashion industry is always open and accepting changes in ideas about masculinity, femininity, and so on. Recently have seen dresses and costumes that are specially designed and sewn for men. Billy Porter is an exemplary example of showing unconventional ideas through the appearance of his red carpet. Seen at Oscar 2020, in a fresco gathered in high-sliced ​​gold skirts, Billy Porter could not look better in his # ootd. Destroying most of the girls, our own Harry Styles was seen walking with heels as part of his red carpet appearance. Also, the Chanel men’s collection, “why do girls have to have all the makeup?” help in destroying further stereotypes.

Image Source: Harper Bazaar

The examples mentioned above may seem surprising and courageous in a society where women are considered ‘soft and weak’ (according to Google search) and men are considered ‘strong and macho’ or more dramatically played ‘Mard ko dard nahi hota. ‘However,’ mard ‘now looks observant and especially about its treatment. Although the changes are softer and less considered, men are now open to manicures, facial treatments, pedicures which are things that are considered ‘graceful’. Jimmy Choo uploaded his photo with eye shadow and nails done perfectly is one of the beautiful depictions of a newly changed concept.

In India, our own Karan Johar has been seen talking to elephants in the room on various occasions. This actor is often laughed at for his taste in clothes, but his idea of ​​”masculinity or femininity feels comfortable on your skin” might have helped change a little Indian mindset. Although these changes are not as great as those witnessed in the West, we continue to work to resolve these insignificant gender stereotypes.

Hopefully this breakthrough will open the horizons towards the eradication of more extraordinary patriarchal and categorical stereotypes.

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