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Pride Month finally arrives, and while Covid-19 may have phased out physical events this year, brands came out very quickly to show their support for the LGBT + community.

While last year Looking at the community cups from Budweiser and the “proud” song list on Amazon, the new decade has seen the inclusive efforts of Levi’s, Nike and Puma, to name but a few.

To celebrate the eternal role of brands in educating the wider community and celebrating the LGBT + community, Campaign has compiled an advanced fashion campaign that began in this year’s Pride season.


Showing Campaign Alaska’s Thunderfuck 5000 star cover, Levi’s enlisted the help of non-heteronormative people to the front of the latest rainbow-themed collection.

Created together with a project focused on LGBT + by photographer Tillett Wright, all proceeds from the Use Your Voice collection will go to OutRight Action International – a non-profit organization that aims to defend and advance human rights for LGBT + people throughout world.


Puma has collaborated with actress and model Cara Delevingne to create a line of 13 pieces consisting of flip-flops, hoodies and rainbow-colored bobbin bags.

Although Delevingne will no longer be able to use collections at this year’s Pride event, brand ambassadors will exhibit items during Pride-based events on the TikTok and Puma social media platforms throughout June, with 20% of the proceeds going to the Cara Delevingne Foundation in support of the LGBT charity + including GLAAD, The Trevor Project and Mind Out.

“Cara’s active voice as a leader and member of the LGBT community makes it the perfect partner to collaborate with this Pride-inspired project,” Adam Petrick, global director of brand and marketing at Puma, said.

“It’s more important now to support each other and, through this collection, it reminds us that we are always stronger together.”


Following from PinkNews and Gay time, Nyx has organized virtual marches together with digital education resource platforms to enable people to better understand the LGBT + community, how to use correct pronouns and how to become active advocates in the wider community.

The brand-long “Proud allies for all” campaign also includes revamping the Ultimate Shadow Palette Palette, with social media posts promoting beauty as an art form for LGBT + members.


Nike: 'Be true' range includes trainers and sandals

Considering the black and brown stripes used to represent the ethnic diversity of people in the LGBT + community, the Nike riff’s “Be true” collection of classic shoes creates colorful trainers, modest kicks and some Pride-inspired sandals thrown for good measure.

The brand customization platform also allows users to create displays that are inspired by bisexual, pansexual, non-binary, and transgender flags.

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Pride: Converse has launched a love-centric hi-tops

Nike’s sister company, Converse, has developed Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers to promote the message “pride, equality [and] love “during the month of June.

Launched globally on Friday (May 29) and consists of T-shirts, high hats and bucket hats, this marks the fifth year of Converse which celebrates Pride.


Managed by the beauty brand “Student squad”, the Pride Morphe collection aims to encourage LGBT + people to embrace their authentic selves through a series of rainbow eyeshadows, brushes and lip gloss.

All net proceeds from the Free to Be collection – a minimum of $ 50,000 (£ 40,474) – will be donated to GLSEN, which aims to protect LGBT + students and students from marginalized identities in schools throughout the US.

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