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BOCA RATON, Florida – Marvell Foods, a food stockpile liquidation company, sees first hand the impact of a global pandemic on the food supply chain. According to Marilyn Raybin, founder and President of Marvell Foods, “The speed of change throughout the food industry is extraordinary and frightening. Food service, institutional sales have practically disappeared. ”

Globally, most countries depend on each other to import food product, with U.S. only export around 15% of the total food supply to another country. However, changes related to pandemics in consumer demand and safety procedures in food harvesting, production, production and shipping have caused disruptions in complicated supply chains. Domestically, companies have struggled to adapt to change, looking for new methods to secure raw materials and sustain food supplies.

Marvell is working with old and new companies, to market the large quantities of supplies built as a result of the closure of schools, sports stadiums, yachts, casinos, theaters, and other “socially dependent” businesses.

Raybin said, “Manufacturers, suppliers, co-packers, and distributors find themselves in very difficult situations. On the one hand, the raw commodity products they use to produce their products have shrunk significantly, on the other hand, there is also a surplus of food because of the need to store and store food produced for clients who refuse to accept the product because their business is closed. All food stored in warehouses is a diminishing asset, can be a total write-off, or through our unique sales network, it is a way to earn income and reduce losses. ”

In addition to specializing in close code product sales, the company has gained a national reputation for their success in helping clients secure buyers in the liquidation of Food and Beverage, and overstock of food products.

As a food product broker, Marvell Foods has the resources to provide unique solutions for food companies that are faced with a variety of unusual problems. “Coronavirus has exposed the fragility of the food industry ecosystem,” Raybin said, “the effects of food disruptions have rippled throughout the food supply chain, from agriculture to production to store shelves.”

With decades of experience, Marvell is positioned to provide food liquidation services for large and small retailers throughout the country. With the company’s ability to accept “take all” offers, Marvell Foods can provide businesses with much-needed cash injections.

On the other side of the coin, buyers of food products can also benefit from the many services offered by the company. Marvell often gets the first appearance of the highest quality save and store too much food given its extensive national network. This path is ideal for retail businesses and companies that want to save money and maximize profits at large discounted prices during these difficult times.

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