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(WSYR-TV) – NewsChannel 9 spoke with nutritionist Consumer Reports about how to make sure you buy healthy food and get the most profit from your trip to the grocery store.

Many of us shop less and buy more food every trip. You can keep your food nutritious and not waste food and therefore make money by storing fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fewer packaged foods.

“Think of some recipes that freeze well, things like stews, casseroles, soups, so that if you buy lots of fresh fresh food you can prepare large amounts of food and freeze the food, it must last a long time in the fridge,” Amy said Keating, nutritionist from Consumer Reports.

Your freezer can be your friend Keating’s word. Just don’t put raw vegetables in there, boil it first.

“It just puts vegetables in boiling water for one to two minutes and then quickly pours them into a filter and pours ice water over it to stop the enzymatic reaction from going further and then you can freeze the vegetables and heat them gently,” Keating said .

With supply chain issues, the price of meat goes up, but Keating says you don’t have to eat meat at every meal.

“People really need to start thinking about alternative protein sources, and they last longer in your closet too,” Keating said. “Things like beans, which many people have stockpiled, but other things like tofu, beans, lentils, and even quinoa.”

And if you buy a lot of bread every trip?

“You put it in the refrigerator. You can prevent mold, but it will get stale faster. So, I suggest, if you store bread, wrap it very tightly in a suggestion wrapper and put it in a freezer bag,” Keating said.

And those who use the date of sale? Keating said 20 percent of food waste was linked to their confusion.

They are not required by law and are an indicator of quality, not safety. So even if that date comes, it doesn’t automatically mean you have to throw away food the next day.

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