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The following are the latest food safety violations in the Lebanese District, as documented by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Inspections are taken as a “snapshot” of day and time, and should not be taken as an indicator of the overall cleanliness of a company. Violations are often corrected before the inspector leaves the site. Restaurants are found to be obedient unless stated otherwise.

Gray Bar B Q Pit MFF1 XJL-9908 Hresko

June 15, 2020 | 817 S. 14th Ave., Lebanon, PA 17042

6 – 201.11 Floor, Wall & Ceiling-Clean
The floor is made of vinyl and cracked / rough and not a smooth surface and easy to clean.

Willow Garden

June 17, 2020 | 50 N. 9th St., Lebanon, PA 17046

6 – 202.15 Outer Opening, Protected
The front door to the outside, which is located in the front area of ​​the food facility is propped open.

Sunoco A Plus

June 17, 2020 | 2520 Quentin Rd., Lebanon, PA 17042

3 – 202.12 Additive
Food facilities use or offer for sale, Hempzilla Gummy candy containing CBD, unapproved additives or high-level approved additives.

Rey Azteca Of Palmyra

June 17, 2020 | 14 N. Londonderry Sq., Palmyra, PA 17078

46.1201 (a) Lawsuits
The new food facility has been in operation for more than 90 days and has not employed certified food employees as required.

3 – 305.14 Food preparation
The ice spoon is stored with a handle that comes in direct contact with the ice.

4 – 602.11 Food Contact Surface Equipment and Equipment, Frequency
The interior of the ice machine has accumulated residue.

6 – 301.12 Hand Drying Provisions
The hand washing sink in the employee toilet area does not have disposable towels, continuous towels, or air drying devices.

Dunkin Donuts

June 17, 2020 | 1950 Quentin Rd., Lebanon, PA 17042

5 – 205.11 Using Washbasin Hand Washing-Operation and Maintenance
Coffee that is discarded is observed in a hand-washing sink, showing uses other than hand washing.

2 – 402.11 Effectiveness-Restraints Hair
Food employees observe in the preparation area, not wearing proper hair restraints, such as nets or hats that cover all hair.

Family Dollar Shop # 4041

June 19, 2020 | 306 Cumberland St., Lebanon, PA 17042

5 – 501,111 Areas, Enclosures and Containers, Good Repair
The external waste treatment unit and storage area have rubbish and rubbish on the ground behind it which creates rodent protection areas. The lid is open.

6 – 501,114 Maintaining Buildings, Unnecessary Goods and Trash
Management needs to ensure that the electrical panels in the back room storage area are properly labeled.

6 – 501,111 Control the Pest
Potential rodent protection areas in food facilities were observed in food and pet food areas because rat droppings were observed on shelves.

8th St. Gas US

June 19, 2020 | 742 Walnut St., Lebanon, PA 17042

3 – 501.17 Ready-to-Eat, Time / Temperature Control for Food Safety, Date Marking
Commercially prepared fast food, located in a walk-in cooler, and held for more than 48 hours, is not marked with the date it was opened.

4 – 501,114 Mechanical or Manual Warewashing Equipment, Chemical Sanitation
Facilities for washing food utensils in the hand washing sink; this is evidenced by food utensils and food brushes which were observed in the hand washing sink and 3 compartment sink not used.

6 – 501.16 Drying mop
Mop is not hung in dry air.

2 – 102.11 (A-C1) (C4-16) Person in charge, Demonstration
The responsible person does not have adequate knowledge about food safety at this food facility as evidenced by this inappropriate inspection and keeps repeating violations of the exact same problem.

3 – 304.12 Equipment Used, Between Storage Uses
Spoon for a rusty ice machine and stored in a dirty and stained place on an ice machine.

6 – 201.11 Floor, Wall & Ceiling-Clean
Observe the very dirty cardboard used on food shelves in retail areas. Deleted.

3 – 101.11 Safe, Not Divorced & Honestly Presented
27 containers of milk were sold in the cooler past the expiration date. Dates range from 4 June 2020 to 14 June 2020. Employees clearly do not check expired milk every day. Thrown away. Food (hot dogs) is observed in a walk-in cooler, slimy to the touch / spoiled / moldy and has been falsified. In March 2020, the facility apparently stopped selling self-service hot dogs when told to stop selling self-service items due to COVID-19 restrictions, but soy sauce bottles, mustard bottles and very hard rolls still sat near hot-roller-hot dog rollers and hot the dog in the container on the walk-in cooler is fully covered with green and black mold. Thrown away.

5 – 205.11 Using Washbasin Hand Washing-Operation and Maintenance
Food utensils and utensils were observed in the hand washing sink, showing usage other than hand washing.

6 – 202,110 Outdoor Trash Area, Retained & Rated for Drain
Weed observed along the perimeter of the property.

6 – 501,111 Control the Pest
Potential rodent protection areas outside the perimeter of the building were observed in the trash area because of rubbish on the ground behind the trash bin.

6 – 501.12 Cleansing, Frequency and Restrictions
The floor in walk-in cooler is not cleaned at the required frequency as evidenced by dry and spilled material.

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