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The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture keeps records food safety inspection in restaurants and food vendors.

Berks County is divided into three jurisdictions: Reading, Muhlenberg Township and other counties. The cities of Reading and Muhlenberg have their own inspectors and other areas are inspected by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture inspectors.

The results will be posted every week. All food vendors are inspected at least once a year. Other inspections can be triggered by a change of owner, follow-up if the facility is not suitable or by a complaint filed with the PDA.

See any vendor final inspection report on line. Click the PDF version of the inspection report for all details.

If the food provider is labeled non-compliant it means that there are one or more violations requiring a return visit by the inspector. The company is given time to solve problems and stay open for business.

Complaints can be submitted online with PDA.

Below are the results of examinations carried out between 9 September and 22 September 2020, which were submitted to the country database on 24 September 2020, at 3 pm.

They include the inspector’s comments about violations.


Mertztown Rod & Gun Club, 515 Centennial Road, Alburtis, 17 September: no fouls.

Flanagan Pub, 41 W. Lancaster Ave., Shillington, September 15: no offense.

Robin red, 125 Wilderness Road, Hamburg, 15 September: two offenses. The floor drain basin below the ice bin bar area has a build-up of mud residue which attracts fruit flies and also the drainage under the glass washer area has less mold buildup. Clean food and / or eating utensils observed in the bar area are kept wet so that it is not possible to drain and / or dry with air (wet nesting).

Windsor Distributing Inc, 800 S 4th St., Hamburg, 15 September: no offense.

Stonersville Hotel, 5701 Boyertown Pike, Birdsboro, September 11: no offense.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers # 2050, 2751 Paper Mill Road, Wyomissing, 10 September: no offense.

Central Berks Fire Co # 1, 111 Callowhill St. Po Box 306, Centerport, September 10: no fouls.

City Girl Juice, 4606 Penn Ave., Reading, September 10: one foul. The food facility does not employ certified food employees as required.

Lincoln Park Fire Company, 310 Old Fritztown Road, Shillington, September 10: two fouls. The metal frame around the lampshades in the hood system above the grill / frying area has chipped / peeling paint spots. The cover is removed on site. The ice machine has a mold that forms along the top interior of the ice bin and the drop chute area and the sides of the plastic ice shield.

Say Cheese! Restaurant & Cheese, 600 Penn Ave., West Reading, September 10: no fouls.

Abraxas Academy, 1000 Academy Drive, Morgantown, Sept. 09: two offenses. The bay bottom area located near the mop sink, the non-food contact area, has crevices that do not facilitate cleaning and maintenance. The quaternary ammonia concentration in the 3-bay war wash sink sanitizing solution is 0ppm, not 200 ppm as stated in the manufacturer’s instructions for use. COS by replacing the empty cleaning container

American Legion Post # 537, 4499 N. Twin Valley Road, Morgantown, Sept. 09: no foul.

Applebees # 3339, 5600 Perkiomen Ave., Reading, September 9: one foul. The grout will be broken between the floor tiles on the cooking path.

Cracker Barrel # 312, 21 Industrial Drive, Hamburg, Sept. 09: four offenses. Clean food and / or utensils observed in the clean pan rack area are kept wet so that it is not possible to drain and / or air dry (wet nest). This is a repeat offense. The air vent area above the hot cupboard of the food facility is very dirty, dusty and needs cleaning. Also the lights in the war laundry room were dusty. Wet rags are stored in a sanitizer solution that is not 150-200 ppms as needed. Repaired. Food staff observed keeping food utensils clean when wet, and did not allow time for drying and / or air drying.

General’s Dollar # 4919, 2980 Saint Lawrence Ave., Reading, September 9: one foul. Observe two containers of powdered formula milk being offered for sale beyond use on 9/5/2020. Repaired.

Huddle House, 2210 Camp Swatara Road, Frystown, Sept. 09: no violations.

Bar-b-que Kauffman, 33 Gravel Pit Road, Bethel, Sept. 09: no violations.

Plum Creek Farm & Cream Factory Market, 5035 Bernville Road, Bernville, Sept. 09: no foul.

Saladworks, 2111 State Hill Road Unit 200, Wyomissing, Sept. 09: no violation.

Reading Senior Life, 20 Shelbourne Road, Reading, 9 September: no fouls.

Starbucks coffee # 50235, 5 Dave’s Way, Hamburg, 9 September: two fouls. The hand wash basin located in the front desk area next to the oven does not have water at a minimum temperature of 100 ° F. The air vents above the preparation station / coffee shop area of ​​the food facility are very dirty, dusty, and need cleaning.

Muhlenberg Township

Muhlenberg Grocery Store, 3260 N Fifth St. Highway, September 20: no offense.

Dollar Tree Shop # 1682, 3045 N. Fifth St. Highway, September 19: no offense.

V&S North Inc Sandwich Shop., 4447 Fifth Street Highway, September 19: one offense. The food dispenser with 10X the sugar was observed to be stored inside the food and not with the handle over the top of the food and the container. Corrected immediately during examination.

Csencsits Nuts, 2934 N. Fifth St. Highway, 18 September: no offense.

Dollar Tree # 4658, 5370 Allentown Pike, 18 September: no fouls.

J&F Seafood, 2934 N. Fifth St., 18 September: three offenses. Food display containers are not stored upside down or closed. Corrected immediately during examination. It was observed that in the food service area, the food service employees did not wear a suitable hair restraints, such as nets, hats, or beard covers. Hand wash basin leaked. Water is turned on manually with a water shut-off valve when hand washing water is required.

Lorah Family Poultry, 2934 N. Fifth St. Highway, September 18: one offense. Packaged “food to eat” packs are not labeled to clearly indicate a “Big 8” allergen ingredient and / or an allergen warning statement. Packaged “food to carry” is not properly labeled with product name, ingredient statement, net weight, distributed based on nutritional statements and / or facts.

AMC, 3050 N. Fifth St. Highway, 17 September: no offense.

Ritual help # 11171, 3215 N. Fifth Street Highway, September 17: no offense.

Seafood Adelphia, 2934 N. Fifth St. Highway, September 12: one offense. Utensils were not stored with handles, and cutlery was observed to be stored in unattended water-filled containers at 135 degrees.


Forest Inn, 904 Penn St., 15 September: two offenses. The piping system is not maintained in good condition – observed several leak points in the basement area. Non-food contact surfaces observed in the basement area are not cleaned periodically to prevent dirt and soil build-up.

Golden Bowl, 850 PennSt., 15 September: nine offenses. Bain marie equipment was observed, in the food preparation area, with accumulated dust, dirt, food scraps, debris on door surfaces and gaskets. Mops are not hung up to air dry. The laminate table was observed to be used as a direct cutting surface for food preparation in food facilities and is not durable under these conditions of use. Thermometers to ensure proper food temperatures are not available or easily accessible in all refrigeration and freezing equipment. Observed empty paper towel dispensers in hand washing sinks in food preparation areas and employee restrooms. Foods observed were stored directly on the floor in a walk-in cooler, not 6 inches from the floor as needed. The food observed in the bain marie and the cooler walk-in area is kept open without cover. The food observed in the bain marie and the cooler walk-in area is kept open without cover. Observed throughout the kitchen area. Non-food contact surfaces are not cleaned at frequent frequencies to prevent dirt and soil accumulation. The cardboard was observed to be used as a floor covering in the walk in cooler.

My house is your home, 320 Penn St., 15 September: no offense.

Relief Rite 11170-356865, 418 Penn St., September 14: one offense. Mops are not hung up to air dry.

Domino’s Pizza 58203100, 310 Penn St., September 11: no offense.

Wineries, 952 PennSt., 11 September: five offenses. The spoon is kept in the ice machine with the handle buried under the ice. The observed non-food contact surfaces were not cleaned at frequent frequencies to prevent dirt and soil accumulation. Empty paper towel dispenser in the sink in the food preparation area. The mop that was observed was not hung up for drying. Thermometers to ensure proper food temperatures are not available or easily accessible in all chillers, bain marie and freezers.

Decarlo’s Bar & Grill 340550, 240 Penn St., September 10: one offense. There are no signs or posters posted at wash basins in all hand-washing locations reminding food employees to wash their hands.

Penn Street Tavern 58202200, 220 Penn St., September 10: one offense. There are no signs or posters posted on the hand washing sink in the kitchen area reminding food employees to wash their hands.

Albright College Cafeteria 367384, 1601 N. 13th St., Sept. 09: no offense.

Jakes Place 3673920, 1601 N. 13th St., Sept. 09: no offense.

Peg’s Place 3673950, 1700 N. 12th St., September 09: two offenses. Observable build-up of residue in the ice machine / ice bin. Mops are not hung up to air dry.


The following reports, for the period 26 August to 8 September 2020, were added to the state database after 10 September and do not appear in Berks’ previous food safety report.


Around the Family Table, 2735 Bernville Road, Leesport, Sept. 08: no foul.

Golden Oaks Golf Club, 10 Stonehedge Drive, Fleetwood, Sept. 08: two offenses. The women’s toilet room is not equipped with a closed trash can. General manager will fix it today. Three sets of lights in the kitchen didn’t work. The general manager works closely with the electrician to fix it.


Rutter’s Shop # 81, 15 New Enterprise Drive, Leesport, Sept. 08: two offenses. Look at unlabeled water spray bottles to identify their contents. Repaired. The food facility does not have any cleaning test strips available to determine the appropriate cleaning concentration when using chlorine based cleaners in the 3 compartment sink. .

Subway # 12701, 5479 Pottsville Pike, Leesport, September 8: one foul. Some of the nozzles in the self-service soda unit, the food contact surface, were observed to have residue and were not clean to look at and touch

Sunoco, 1223 Pottsville Pike, Shoemakersville, September 08: two fouls. The ice pack is not labeled to identify the source of the ice. Ice is being bagged at another owner’s location and brought here to be sold. Food facilities do not have original certificates for certified food staff installed in public places.


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