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Maria’s Restaurant in Portland and Yankee Ford Sales in South Portland work together to feed food workers who do not work at work, free take-out food on Friday at the restaurant’s new location, 1335 Congress Street.

The first 100 food service employees appear between 1 and 4 at night. will get pasta dishes, meatballs, salads, and bread. You must show a payment rebate to receive food.

Yankee Ford is owned by Bob Esposito, who used to own Espo’s Trattoria. Last year, he sold Espo’s to Maria, who want to move from the Cumberland Avenue location.

Tony Napolitano, owner of Maria, said he would have people to help maintain social distance in the parking lot on Friday if there were too many people showing up at once. Napolitano also said he recently gave a $ 20 gift certificate to Maria for each employee of Mercy Hospital, around 1,500 people.

Donut shop closed
Congdon’s Donuts in Wells sold its last honey sauce over the weekend. Now it’s closed “until the coronavirus pandemic subsides,” owner Gary Leech announced in a statement. “It has become clear that although our improved sanitation and safety practices have been adopted, any interaction with others poses a risk to our staff,” the statement said.

Donut shop customers have shown tremendous support for the business, with more than 3,500 vehicles passing through drive-thru over the past few weeks, sometimes in a row of 40 long cars. Customers donate homemade face masks to drive-thru health workers, as well as toilet paper rolls for those in need.

As long as you bake ….
We already know that Mainers are try to get rid of their anxiety. For real convenience, how do you want to know how to make extraordinary biscuits from Tandem Bakery in Portland – and do good at the same time?

The bakery is closed on March 14. To help his staff financially, Tandem offers to sell recipes for bakers, the popular biscuit Briana Holt. Pay at least $ 5 online – there are also buttons for $ 10 and $ 20 if you want to contribute more – and you will be sent an email with a link to the recipe and a play instruction video with Holt instructions. Every “biscuit dollar” raised will directly benefit Tandem staff.

To get the recipe, open tandemcoffee.com.

Clean hands

Matt Page, one of the owners of Split Rock Distilling in Newcastle, makes hand sanitizers. Photo courtesy of Split Rock Distilling

Split Rock Distilling in Newcastle is the newest brewery to start making hand sanitizers.
The brewery prioritizes making cleaners for health care workers and the service industry, but a portion of each batch will be publicly available. A 16-ounce bottle costs $ 9. To send a bottle, buy through royalrosesyrups.com; for roadside pickup on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, buy through splitrockdistilling.com.

Virtual wine expert

Sommelier Erica Archer, owner of Wine Wise, is working with a local restaurant to offer a virtual wine dinner for two in the Greater Portland area. The first two dinners, including one Friday with Sur Lie and one Sunday with Solo Italiano, were sold out. During dinner, Archer will talk about wine and take questions and comments from visitors.

The price varies depending on the event and the wine served, but includes food, wine, taxes, gratuities and shipping. Solo Italiano dinner, for example, costs $ 120 (note that dinner for two, and includes two bottles of wine), while Sur Lie dinner costs $ 134. Archer says they can also accommodate single visitors at a lower price, or parties the bigger one with the higher price. A dinner featuring food from Chaval is planned for mid-April.

Food and wine are delivered to your home one or two hours before the start of dinner, which will be held via the Zoom application.

Watch the upcoming dinner at winewiseevents.com

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