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The story of a long line and waiting in a big chain of cities like Whole food and Trader Joe is a daily affair. For those who are worried about the uncertainty of the city grocery store, there is a silver line: Many deliver directly to customers’ homes. That is when it’s difficult to accept shipments of food from large chains and technology companies, but there are ways to overcome them too – NYC also has a large number of CSAs, smaller local grocery chains, and wholesale suppliers to choose from, which should make food delivery as a whole experience less less complicated.

So here is a list of companies that offer delivery of groceries, household equipment, tableware, and ready meals. Some are small scale and involve bicycles or handcartes to a restricted environment; the other is a large-scale operation with a truck fleet that covers the city and parts of New Jersey and Westchester, or involves shipping by FedEx or UPS. Nothing is cheap, but some offer several offers. The emphasis may be on premium food ingredients and boutique products, but on the positive side, some make a closer relationship between farmers and people who consume food. And remember to tip – shipping and grocery store workers are among the most vulnerable populations in the city today.

Local supermarket

Local grocery chain chains have long provided free or inexpensive shipping services in their neighborhood, usually with pushcarts pushed from the shop to your apartment.

D’gostino: Prices at D’Gostino are not cheap, but the choices are large. There are 11 stores in Manhattan, all south of 90th Street. That website provide contact numbers for all stores, and store manager’s cell phone in case of errors, even though the note warns of late delivery.

C Town: There are 140 independently owned C Town stores in the NYC Metropolitan area one in Park Slope, for example, offering local delivery of ordinary food, cleaning supplies, fast food, and beer. Check with the nearest C Town supermarket.

Meet fresh: Local environment Bushwick Meets Fresh is shipping free on orders that can be placed online; one Eater staff has placed several orders at this time, almost all of them have arrived within two hours of ordering. Orders appear at your door. Some basic items like bananas and limes cannot be found on the website so you have to add them manually.

H Mart: With five stores in east Queens and two in Manhattan, this store offers a variety of Asian food ingredients. H Mart offers shipping services as well, the only drawback is that they are sent only zip codes in Manhattan and northern New Jersey and delays currently run nine to 11 working days. If you can think that far, ordering there might be worth it.

Western Natural Market: The long-standing Hell’s Kitchen grocery store offers organic products and other natural foods and non-food items for delivery. Orders are only taken via email. If the delivery is in Hell’s Kitchen and a nearby area, it will be done by the store, anywhere in the city, the shipment will be UPS. Email: [email protected]

Other supermarkets, small food ingredients, ethnic food ingredients, and bodegas: Make several phone calls in your area and see if local delivery can be arranged. Many do it.

Agriculture based supplier

Farm for People: Based in Brooklyn Farm for People sending farmer market groceries throughout Manhattan, half from Brooklyn, about a quarter from Queens, and Mott Haven, the Bronx, but also directs you to ask questions about postal code outside the area. It seeks to provide non-GMS and pesticide-free products, and the cupboard also includes several ready meals (Four & Twenty Blackbirds, and Bien Cuit between them), as well as meat and seafood.

Rural Root Delivery: This Long Island-based outfit specializes in shipping organic home agricultural products. Yes, there are fruits and vegetables available once or for scheduled scheduled deliveries, CSA style, but there are also dairy products, frozen goods, fresh meat, drinks, and many other things, often of a contemporary type (eg, flowers rice cabbage). Order on Tuesday for delivery during the following week.

Local Root: This service functions in much the same way as CSA, except that it draws its production from several farms, with weekly choice offered at the pick up point of the Upper East Side and Carroll Gardens. But also offer delivery service in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan with a fixed annual fee. Weekly boxes vary by season, with prices of $ 52 or $ 84 per week.

CSA: “Community-supported agriculture” is a system in which you pay in advance for vegetables and fruits worth the growing season, often from one farm. This means you have no choice about what you get, but it can depend on seasonality, and a direct connection with farmers is a plus. There is no wholesale profit! CSA explained here, and to find one with a pick point near you, see Just Food website, which lists 92 CSAs in the city, many in the Brooklyn neighborhood are served by food delivery services, such as East New York and Bay Ridge.

Harvest Home: The purpose of Harvest Home is to help distribute an unexpected additional inventory of local farmers by sending organic fruits and vegetables to the North New Jersey region (Morris, Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Hudson, and Warren counties, including Hoboken and Jersey City). Its offerings include fresh organic products, eggs, honey, bottled water, and Selózer Kaló water, the NJ brand in partnership with local farmers and businesses in the Pequannock, NJ area to support the initiative.

Shushan Valley Hydro Gardens: This hydroponic farm in Salem, NY, illustrates an important point: It is a good idea to contact the farmers represented at Greenmarkets in person (their e-mails and telephone numbers are not hard to find) and carry out side transactions for shipping products using various shipping methods. Shushan Valley has been in Greenmarket Union Square for the past 11 years, growing heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, green vegetables and herbs, and is willing to send them directly from the farm via FedEx or UPS. Email: [email protected]

Our Harvest: This farm-to-home delivery service selling fresh produce, meat, seafood, dairy products, and many more items to NYC, Long Island, and the Hamptons. Orders are made online by entering the relevant zip code. Service still delivery window available this week and beyond.

Supplier of wholesale restaurants

Many sources of raw materials for restaurants have switched to sell to the public. Most will be shipped via FedEx or UPS, and have a minimum order that can reach $ 100 or more, so consider clearing some space in your fridge or freezer to store meat, seafood, vegetables or other perishable items. Some suppliers ship by truck in the city, so check the list carefully.

A grocery-changing-grocery store

Bourke Street Bakery: This Australian bakery accepts orders for sourdough bread and also a bi-weekly “bread + essential” delivery. Essentials can include milk, butter, kale, carrots, onions, potatoes, broccoli, oranges, apples, bananas, strawberries, a slice of bread, four croissants, muffins, coffee, and four avocados, according to one report, for $ 80. Sometimes all shipments scheduled on the same day are marked as sold out, so keep checking again.

Colonia Go: Offering a Latin kitchen from Colonia Verde, the Fort Greene restaurant, Goods available for shipping including skirt steak, ribeye, marinated pork, frozen arepas, flour and corn tortillas. Pao de queijo is frozen for baking at home, and even kits for making your own chilaquiles. There is a natural wine at retail prices, and an option to donate soup to staff members at Brooklyn Hospital. Remember that there is a minimum of $ 50 for shipping orders.

Butcher’s daughter: NYC mini cafe chain already changed the three locations are “Butcher’s Bodegas,” selling all its regular menu items along with bread, olive oil, granola, pasta, and pancake mixes. Book by calling one of the locations or through Grubhub, Uber Eats, Caviar and Postmates.

Great shipping service

Many New Yorkers fighting to access shipping services from large companies due to increasing demand. However, those who face several other options can try tactics that users report functioning occasionally, such as going to a website in the middle of the night or refreshing continuously for several hours. Here is the summary.

Mercato Green: Like all shipping services, this service runs in the back – but this might be a better bet compared to larger players because it does not require securing a certain shipping window. This is also one of the easiest ways to get delivery from specialty grocery stores, such as the Japanese grocery store Sunrise Mart, Sahadi’s favorite Middle Eastern grocery store, and the British grocery store Myers of Keswick.

Explained here, Mercato Green is a food delivery membership organization, where you pay a certain annual amount for shipments within a three-mile radius, and a larger amount for shipments within a 10-mile radius. After you subscribe, the delivery is free. List of traders who participated in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens spacious but special, filled with many local suppliers. Operators such as Meat Hook, Murray Cheese, Muncan Food, and the Chelsesa Market are on the platform, and the choice of wholesalers and other traders in Queens is vast.

Fresh Refresh: This 13-year-old grocery delivery service based in the Bronx is famous for its fleet of refrigerated trucks adorned with supergraphics, which can be seen on the roadside in many parts of the city. It supplies not only food ingredients, but also liquor and fast food. Delivery slots are hard to come by, with no one in the coming week to input addresses for a series of postcodes in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Suggestions from a regular: Try it in the middle of the night.

Peas: It offers trucks shipping from Stop & Shop stores, with locations in Brooklyn and Queens, including groceries, household supplies, cutlery, fast food, and alcohol, including contactless shipping options. Available in most cities, although “limited shipping is available” appears at the Bronx and Staten Island locations; For many ZIP codes, there is no shipping slot available for the next two weeks.

Instacart: Instacart is a third party Delivery service is currently available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, but not on Staten Island. Similar to Uber, individuals buy food and send it by car. Food sources include Gristedes, Wegmans, Eataly, Foodtown, D’Agostino, Main Foods, Food Emporium, and even Western Beef, but not Trader Joe, so you can be low or high with the price of your groceries. Payment for this service is all at once or per shipment. Like all food delivery services, significant delays might be encountered. Cost structure explained here.

Amazon Fresh: Now it’s free for Amazon Prime customers, Amazon Fresh offers a choice of Whole Foods, with sliding delivery rates depending on the method. Like all such websites, it warns of shipping delays, although it says it prioritizes the items most needed. Like most Amazon products, shipping may be piecemeal. One positive side, shipping is to the postal code in the city or the adjacent area.

Tomato and cucumber heirlooms from Shushan Valley Hydro Farm
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