The trendiest Halloween food of 2020 might surprise you | Instant News

Not only that Dunkin ‘ have a very tasty one ghost pepper donuts on the menu, but Hormel introduces the limited edition Ghost Reaper chili (a mix of ghost and Carolina reaper chili) and Blaze Pizza (through QSR) has a new Blazin ‘Hot Chicken Pizza which includes ghost pepper in its chicken meatballs. Even Popeye brings back their ghost pepper wings, although B Dubs hasn’t reintroduced ghost pepper sauce once make customers cry. (They are way ahead of the trend, as this sauce first appeared – and then quickly disappeared again, as ghosts would – in 2014).

So why ghost chilies for Halloween? The relationship is clear. Halloween – ghost – peppers, all in his name. However, beyond that linguistic connection, what made ghost pepper famous this year? As Foodbeast point out, this trend is in line with increasing heat tolerance levels as food challenges become mainstream. Shows likes Hot one show ordinary celebs, not professional eaters like Adam Richman, handle hotter and hotter sauces. Eat ghost pepper, or at least a softer version of fast food, offers little harm with very little risk. It actually fits in with the Halloween spirit of fun, after all, a kind of “light fright”. nothing wrong with that. After all, in a year like ours (almost) just now, we can all use light and safe sensations.

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